Updated: 12/20/2010 12:25
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We have not heard much from OrbisTrends for a while and just recently the administration of the program has updated a News section on the website

We haven't heard much from OrbisTrends ( for a while and just recently the administration of the program has updated a "News" section on the website. The payouts schedule for upcoming holiday season is announced in the update. So the schedule of payout rates during business days for a period from December 24, 2010 till January 3, 2011 is as follows.

Due to the celebration of Christmas on December 24 all users' accounts are promised to be credited with earnings corresponding to the maximum rates offered by their chosen investment products. The payout system on December 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th, 31st and January 3rd is going to be different. It is promised that users will receive 0.5% of their currently active deposits.

The administration of OrbisTrends asks everyone to allow some extra time for replies on support inquiries. They also congratulate all users on holidays: “We at OrbisTrends would like to take this opportunity and wish everyone a Very Happy Winter Holidays! Let us hope that the New Year will bring more joy and prosperity to all of us, our friends and our families.”

Well, considering the situation in the market, I suppose that the fact that that this program is still operating is a great Christmas present for all investors at OrbisTrends and hopefully it will keep operating next year. It has been online for 222 days and has been monitored by since the day of its launch. It offers 0.5-3.78% daily for a period of up to 120 business days with the minimum required investment of just $1. is currently on the 2nd position in our catalog in HOT!Listing:

P.S. You can read all news about this program published at here: Search for hyips news from (you will be also able to watch a Video Review of OrbisTrends by following this link).

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