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We have a couple of updates from ROF ( to inform you about. The first one is about the introduction of Executive Clients Program....

We have a couple of updates from ROF ( to inform you about. The first one is about the introduction of Executive Clients Program. For the past few months the team at ROF has been preparing this program and now it is time to announce its launch. Executive Clients are those investors who have deposits in Level 3 and Level 4 which means that their deposits are larger than $3,500. All such investors will automatically become participants in Executive Clients Program as well as all new investors who make deposits of $3,500 and more. Once you make a required deposit, you will receive your welcome email from an Executive Clients Representative (within 24 hours).

Executive Client Benefits:
A personal representative at
A private telephone number for Executive Client Relations
A permanent 3% deposit bonus on all deposits
A one time instant withdrawal of $100 as an enrollment gift
A monthly Executive Clients newsletter

A promised ROF Corporate Update 7 has been released reminding about a signed Joint Venture Agreement in Hong Kong, which purpose is to acquire funding for the prospect, production and refinement of crude oil within the Russian Federation:

“The Joint Venture agreement will allow over a one year span the sum of $750,000 USD for the purpose of funding the Hong Kong Field Office as well as ROF's exploration and production arm. The Joint Venture Financial Agreement allows for additional funds upon review after one year. The sum is to be used for centralizing ROF's exploration and production arm within the Hong Kong Field office. Prospect and Production projects previously on hold within Russian Oil Fund are to be activated in the Hong Kong Field office.”

The next announcement is regarding holiday payouts. The interest is going to be accrued on both Christmas Eve and New Years Eve without any delays or cancelations. Do not forget about a Facebook and Twitter contest that is still running and will end on December 30. You can win $100 which would be a wonderful holiday gift. More information about the contest can be found in one of our recent news about RussianOilFund: RussianOilFund Corporate Update and a New Contest

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