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There are less than five days before Christmas and online investment market starts hibernating. At the same time, actively developing programs...

There are less than five days before Christmas and online investment market starts hibernating. At the same time, actively developing programs continue developing and we are going to tell you about all important events that took place on the weekend as well as on the first day of this week (meaning yesterday).

Openings. There are actually just a few openings. Although last week we found over 60 new programs and only some of them appear in public. However some of these appearances can be hardly called proper once. For example, ChristmasCracker (christmas-cracker.net) was described in a review but continues having problems. Programs Endless Bucks (endlessbucks.com), Pivotal Investment Direct (pivotalinvestmentdirect.com), Profitix Group (profitixgroup.com) and Vfx Trading (vfx-trading.com) were used in the Battles of investment projects by ECJ. Pivotalinvestmentdirect and Profitix Group were stronger in these battles. A project Forex Company Online (forexcompanyonline.com) has been also noticed in a review but considering that they have been operating for several months, it cant be called an opening. A full-fledged opening is perhaps only AccessTomorrow (accesstomorrow.net).

Closures. MetalicFund (metalicfund.com) is collapsing, the payouts have been stopped. Konstant (konstant.biz) switched off instant withdrawals. And here is the official comment of the administration:THE LIBERTYRESERVE SYSTEM WAS UNABLE TO PERFORM YOUR REQUEST AT THIS TIME. (which is not true).

Surprise. A project called ChristmasCracker (christmas-cracker.net) has unexpectedly returned to work. During the six days of work this project appeared, disappeared and appeared again. At the same time it stopped paying and was offline. However, of course, it did not have enough time to earn and it seems like the administrators does not want to give up. They have ordered two reviews, resumed the operation of their website and even made some payouts. However all these actions have not reduced risks.

Problems. FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) is under DDos attack and its admin is trying to get the website back online. FxEconomy (fxeconomy.com) was also unavailable during a couple of hours but it happened due to scheduled maintenance.

Events. FutureTrails (futuretrails.com) reversed the funds that had been sent to members AlertPay accounts. And here is the reason: Our Security team has reason to believe that you received unauthorized funds from alertpay@futuretrails.com. As a result, we have reversed the corresponding payment(s) from your AlertPay account.

The admin of 144CashAds (144cashads.com) has also announced that the website of the program might be inaccessible for a few hours due to some technical issues reported by its hosting provider Koddos. The admin of PrimoEarnings (primoearnings.com) can now be contacted via popular instant tools such as Skype and Yahoo Messenger. MutualTreaty (mutualtreaty.com) has silently made a total redesign.

TerraProfits (terra-profits.com) has implemented an exchanger for LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and AlertPay inside the members area for a small fee. You cannot exchange AlertPay in your balance to LR and PM however LR and PM can be exchanged to AP. FinFunds (finfunds.com) has announced an affiliate bonus and extended limited offer plan.

Be careful. EzProfit has repeatedly ended up in our warning column and I do not think that any of our readers can make a deposit in such an ambiguous project. However, they persistently continue promoting their project and we can not remain silent. Now they are actively promoting their debit cards, which cost $299. If you are so interested in this product and are not afraid of risks, you should wait at least until the end of the holidays. As one blogger noticed, you will anyway probably not get them until the end of the holiday season.

Emoney. The website of the most popular payment processor in HYIP field called LibertyReserve was unavailable on December 18 between 8:00 and 10:00(GMT). It seems like it was the first scheduled downtime that was finished right on time and almost without consequences.

HYIP Blogs. Gautam Thapar, our author and the author of HYIP INVESTIGATION BLOG predicted the closure of Konstant (konstant.biz) and warned his readers on time basing on his system of Risk Ranking. This is a fairly common method for evaluating the prospects of programs and this case is an excellent proof that it works.

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