Updated: 12/21/2010 10:43
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The administration of InformalInvestors has sent out a newsletter informing about the latest news.

The administration of Informal-Investors ( has sent out a newsletter informing about the latest news. You can not find this update on the website because there is no “News” section therefore if you are interested in this program, you should know about the latest announcements. It is informed that the program has been online for three calendar months and completed the first cycle. As you probably know, all investment plans at are designed for three months and the admin is happy to inform that all investor who joined the program right at the beginning of its operation have already gotten all profit from their chosen plans.

However, you can see on the official website of the program that it has been running for 142 and according to our information, Informal-Investors has been online for only 86 days and therefore has not yet completed the first cycle yet. As you can see, the information about the lifetime of the program is different and we need to see proofs and comments of those who have actually completed the full cycle at If you are one of them, comment on this news, please.

The admin of this program also informs about the development of company's business: “Throughout the three calendar months, Informal-Investors originated investments with mostly small companies, developed and helped some micro businesses to expand or establish themselves. Gratitude to investors could be developed something spectacular. Probably the following calendar year must give finer opening to help and form businesses.”

The next part of newsletter contains the information about the required minimum at Informal-Investors, It is going to be $5 instead of $1 since January 1, 2011. The minimum was very low at first because all investors were given a chance to test the reliability of the program and now the trial period is almost over. Due to upcoming holidays the administration wishes everyone merry Christmas and good health in the coming year. has been monitored by for three weeks and is currently on a 25th position with “Paying” status in our HYIP-list: All most important information about this program can be found in our review published here: InformalInvestors Short Review

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