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The job offer recently announced by the administration of FelixFunds (felixfunds.com) seemed to be quite strange for many our readers. It was informed...

The job offer recently announced by the administration of FelixFunds (felixfunds.com) seemed to be quite strange for many our readers. It was informed at FelixFunds.com that anyone who wants to be a representative of the program in his country should apply for this job. However, no details were given. It was only said that those who are interested should send documents (ID card and a bill to prove address) for verification and only after that they will receive an email with details. Of course such terms seemed strange to everyone and the administration hurried to explain the situation:

“It seems that some people can think of what we never thought. The only reason for requestingdocuments for representative jobs was to not put on the site false informations for our members. But some people always think the worse even if that was not our intention. So we decided to drop documents requests and we will only ask for phone numbers to put on the site for who ever wants to be our representative in his own country.”

The admin assures everyone that he was not going to steal any identities and he hopes that the clients of FelixFunds.com will understand it and will not make false conclusions. Well, there can be two interpretations of what happened. The first one is that they really intended to use the identities for stealing money or whatsoever but the investors appeared to be smarter than they expected. The second one is that the admin of FelixFunds.com really made such a strange request not knowing how it would be taken because of lack of experience in HYIP industry. Anyway, it is up to you what to believe in. I personally believe that they didn’t intend to steal anything because if they had intended they wouldn’t have explained everything immediately and would have waited for a while in order to see if someone would swallow the bait.

There is also another update from FelixFunds informing about Christmas bonus. All you need to do is write a Christmas wish to FelixFunds. One wish per person is allowed and the winner will get a $50 cash prize on Christmas Eve. The best wishes will be posted in a special area as testimonials. Your wishes should be emailed to felixfunds@googlemail.com. Do not forget about the video contest at FelixFunds.com, the details of which can be found here: A Video Contest From FelixFunds

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