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There is a new section at MacroTrade ( It is called Macro Trade Global and the purpose of creating it is to make it possible

There is a new section at MacroTrade ( It is called Macro Trade Global and the purpose of creating it is to make it possible for everyone who is interested in working with MacroTrade to find all necessary information. If you want to become a regional representative of the company, you should go to Macro Trade Clobal section where you will find the information about your personal website, regional representatives encouragement rating system, bonus system and special rates. You can apply for a regional representative position by following this link.

The administration of the program explains such innovation by the desire to establish a network of representatives with at least one representative office in every country. They want to do it in order to be closer and more accesible to potential investors. It is planned to be done by 2012. Well, such aim is quite ambitious, however as we all know, anything is possible. And if the admin of this program plans to continue operating for much longer, he will reach this aim as long as investors trust him.

If you go to "Contacts" page, you will see two options: «our contacts» and «Macro Trade Global». If you click on the second one, you will see a headquarters address in London and a map where London is marked. I suppose all representative offices are going to be marked there as well once they are opened. There is also another update for you to know. It is regarding holiday schedule. The interest is not going to be added on December 24, 27, 28, 31 and January 3 due to the fact that these days are non-trading.

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