Updated: 12/23/2010 15:52
Hyip Monitor

Typically, after the program is closed, we receive complaints about payment delays and fraud. Therefore, after Zeus Capital Management ( closed, we were receiving warnings for some time. When a project called Zeus Funds ( was launched, the complaints regarding caused the fact that both projects were taken as problematic. However, Zeus Funds did not have any significant problems and has been successfully operating for more than 200 days. However, this term seems to come to an end.

On December 8 one of our agents drew our attention to the fact that the page “About us” at ZeusFunds was stolen from a program called Futuretrails. Yesterday, another agent informed that ZeusFunds delays payments. The status of the program is positive on all monitors and there are no complaints on other forums. The signals on our forum can be found here: HYIP Forum (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant). If you have any comments or additions, post them there, please. That would be very helpful.

In particular, we ask you to pay attention to a suspicious mailing on behalf of "". Even if has nothing to do with it, such emails are definitely dangerous.

P.S. While writing this news the site unexpectedly (or I suppose now we should say expectedly) disappeared :(


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