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You are reading the fifteenth release of our regular survey with the most valuable information about everything that happens in the HYIP world. This...

You are reading the fifteenth release of our regular survey with the most valuable information about everything that happens in the HYIP world. This survey tells which significant events happened over the past three days (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday), meaning in the middle of next to the last week of 2010.

Openings. The following programs were publicly mentioned: SolidPercent (solidpercent.com), Safe Capital (safe-capital.com) and AccessTomorrow (accesstomorrow.net). The programs Dollar Commerce (dollarcommerce.net) and Logical Inv (logicalinv.com) were compared in ECJ investment projects battles. Logicalinv won. The programs called Tetra Metals (tetrametals.com), Industrial Trade (industrialtrade.biz), Future Earn (futurearn.com) and Smart Dollars (smart-dollars.com) were also compared. The strongest in these comparisons were Industrialtrade and Futurearn.

Problems. Withdrawals are pending for more than 24 hours at ProfitEu (profiteu.com).

Be careful. The administrator of ChristmasCracker (christmas-cracker.net) announced that they will continue operating even after Christmas. They plan to stay until early January or even February. However, they have a total of 140 registrations and they do not do anything that hundreds of similar projects do. Therefore, it is hard to believe in this promise but even if it is true, it is not worth investing in plans that last more than 10 days. After all, even according to official information, the program might operate or might not operate for so long. There are also warnings regarding TetraMetals (tetrametals.com).

Events. UnicornInv (unicorninv.com) has announced the addition of SolidTrustPay. However, the activation is carried out only manually. A program called FxEconomy, which has been on the brink of closure for some time, has returned and resumed payments. The other day they told what happened with the website. It was just a change of provider. Now FxEconomy is hosted on Dragonara (previously on BlackLotus). PrimoEarnings (primoearnings.com) decided to abandon all payment processors except for AlertPay. FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) has finally come back online. The reason for the absence: DDoS attack on their servers. All payments have been processed according to the administrator.

The schedule for holidays from HYIPs listed at HYIPNews.com can be found in this news. And here are schedules of some other programs. EzProfit: All wihdrawal payment and email reply will be delayed due to festive season. RedOrchidInvest (redoinvest.com) will not pay profit on: Holidays 23-24-25-26. 2010 and 30-31 2010 / 1-2. 2011. GainBucks (gainbucks.com): Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! From 23th Dec 2010 to 2 Jan 2011, email reply and withdrawal payment may take up to 72hrs to process due to Christmas and New Year holiday season.

Contests/Bonuses. ProfitixGroup (profitixgroup.com) offers 10% bonus to every deposit made via any ecurrencies that are accepted by ProfitixGroup: AlertPay, PerfectMoney and LibertyReserve. A project called AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) also intends to conduct a contest in the nearest future. A referral contest will be launched on January 3 and will last for two weeks. The details will be announced later.

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