Updated: 12/24/2010 16:02
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Yesterday was the last day when some of the programs accrued interest. Today is Christmas Eve, tomorrow will be weekend

Yesterday was the last day when some of the programs accrued interest. Today is Christmas Eve, tomorrow will be weekend. Many exchanges won't operate at the end of the next week and in early January. You can find payout schedules of programs in this news and now we will inform about our work schedule for holidays.

As you can see, today we are operating despite the holiday. However, we work short hours and you will not find anyone in the office in a few hours :). We will also work short hours on December 31. We have decided that our site will be updated as far as possible and live support will not operate from January 1 to January 3. E-mails will be checked regularly despite the holidays. The most urgent warnings will be posted on the forum in this section (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant).

Our holiday schedule was organized primarily due to the information conditions in the industry. Administrators and programs' staff celebrate holidays too and even if they will pay/support their customers, they will most likely not be very active in terms of PR. Therefore there unlikely to be many updates at least in the first week of January. We will try to compensate that by releasing educational publications.

Please also note that our hosting provider informed about the completion of the brand new Data Center in Orange County, California. This facility is equipped with diverse network feeds, state-of-the art power backup system via UPS and generator, and a redundant cooling system. During the next week they will be migrating all customer servers from numerous existing facilities to their new data center. During this migration, some sites (including HYIPNews.com) may be temporarily unavailable. Most likely, it will not exceed half an hour but the provider warns about the possible unavailability of up to three hours. So if you see us offline - do not worry, we'll be back soon.

Once again we congratulate you with all the holidays and wish you happiness and to be with your family this evening.

Yours, the team of HYIPNews.com

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