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Read the article and learn how to treat bonuses and promotions in HYIP properly. See the examples of special offers from several HYIP online

In our article called «How to Treat Bonuses and Promotions in HYIP» we expressed our point of view regarding this issue and promised to trace at least some of "special” offers in order to learn more about this aspect of investing. And, accordingly, to better understand how to treat them. We keep our promise and today let's take a look at special offers from FinFunds (finfunds.com) and their consequences.

As far as you remember from our articles, FinFunds made a special limited offer on November 30 (you can read about it here) . It was offered to make a deposit in much more profitable plans comparing to the standard ones. Then on December 11 it was extended and also a new affiliate bonus was offered (read here). Then on December 15 the offer was closed and the program was still online which gave investors hope that it will keep operating. On December 20 a new special Christmas offer was made. This time with even higher interest rate — 4.6% (comparing to 3.2-3.6% in a previous offer and 1.9-2.2% in the standard plans). All other terms remained the same. It was announced that only first 100 deposits would be accepted and now FinFunds.com is most likely closed because it does not pay anymore and the status on almost all monitors is NOT PAYING now.

Well, the administration of this program has made a smart move. They did not close the program during the first special offer but kept operating and paying out the promised interest in order to win confidence of investors. And then they made another offer asking to hurry up because only first 100 deposits would be accepted. I'm sure many of investors have hurried up and the gathered money was just enough for the administration to disappear.

Another example of progarms that close after making special offers is Investsmarket.com. It made the offer on December 2 (Standard Plan - 15% and Premium Plan — 25% bonus to investors' deposits) and stopped paying on December 9. As you can see, the administration gave investors a week to make deposits, gathered money and disappeared. However, you should remember that not all special offers lead to closures and sometimes they are used as a part of a marketing strategy. It all depends on a program and a kind of offer.

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