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Today we are going to take a closer look at a program called VestedInvestment . The first thing you see when you enter the website of this program is...

Today we are going to take a closer look at a program called Vested-Investment. The first thing you see when you enter the website of this program is the information that “Vested-Investment is a new steadily developing asset management and online money investment service provider. Today the amount of assets managed by our company is already over $3 billion and the capital keeps growing with the speed of approximately $40-50 million a week.”

Investment Plans. There are five investment plans for you at Four of them are basically one plan and your interest depends on the amount of your deposit. Principal is included in all of them:

  • Call Deposit A offers 103% after 2days (which means 1.5% a day). The minimum amount to invest is $10 (which is larger than in most programs but still affordable) the maximum deposit in this plan is $1,900;
  • Call Deposit B will bring 105% after 3 days (approximately 1.66% a day) however the minimum is much larger in this plan - $2,000. The maximum is limited by $4,999;
  • Call Deposit C is more profitable – 107% after 4 days (1.75% a day) but you will receive such profit only in case if you are willing to invest from $5,000 to $9,999;
  • Call Deposit D is the most profitable because it offers 110% after 5 days (2% a day). However, it is required to invest from $10,000 to $50,000 in it.

    The fifth investment plan differs from the above mentioned ones. It offers 1.5% daily for 50 days and principal is returned according to its terms:
  • Call Deposit E: 1.5% for 50 days. The minimum investment is $100 and the maximum is $20,000.

This plan lasts much longer than the others and you have to wait for your principal for 50 days. If you are okay with such terms, you should invest in it. The profit is paid 7 days a week in all plans. And now let's assume you have $100. You have a choice to invest in Call Deposit A or Call Deposit E.
The profit in both of them is basically the same because it is 1.5% a day. In Call Deposit E your net profit after 50 days will be $75 (1.5%*50 days) +$100 principal. In Call Deposit A you will have $3 net profit after 2 days. If you want to have $75 you need to invest 25 times which is very inconvenient but it is the same $75 after 50 days. Therefore Call Deposit E is designed for those who like longer-term plans in which they invest and wait.

There is also a VIP plan option in the list of investment plans. You should contact the administration if you want to become a VIP member.

Referral Program. It is surprising but there is no referral program at It is only informed that referral contest is coming soon.

Payment Options. Deposits can be made via PerfectMoney, LibertyReserve or Bank Wire.

General Website Features. The first thing that you do not see when you enter the website is a full menu. All sections of the website can be seen only on “contact Us” page which is very confusing. There is a live help icon in member area that does not function and once you login you can not go to other pages unless you log out. The script of the program is quite nice-looking but the texts are not original.

Security Features. There is no SSL encryption on the website but it is DDoS protected. According to the administration, the DDoS provider is

Contact Methods. On “Contact Us” page you can see the following address:
Name & Registered Office:
HU10 6SY

The provided address can be checked and of course, we have checked. According to this information, the office of the program is located in a private residence which we found a bit suspicious. We contacted the administration and they assured that it is really their office address. As you can see, these is no live support ans well as no ticketing system. You can contact the administration only via email ([email protected]), however all emails are quickly responded. I sent emails with my questions to the administration twice and each time the response was received quite quickly.

Of course, Vested-Investment has much to improve in order to attract more investors. However, many programs do not look great but work for a long time and those that have the set of all required features close the next day. The good thing is that is listed on popular monitors which means that the administration spends money on promotion. has been monitored by for 12 days and is currently on 29th position in our HYIP-list: (the whois information can be checked on that page as well).


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