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As we all know, FCO ( used to be very active when it came to updates and informing about everything happening. However, we...

As we all know, FCO ( used to be very active when it came to updates and informing about everything happening. However, we haven't heard anything for a month but just recently the News section has been refreshed with 4! new updates. The first one is called Progress 2010-2011. It is informed that 2010 has been very successful for the company:

The total volume of invited investments for the year 2010 was about USD 8.7 millions. The average daily increase of capital of 3.3 percent per day was achieved due to the currency trading in the International Monetary Market. The reserve fund ensuring an uninterrupted operation of the company was increased by 11.2 percent, and at this day it is more than USD 5 861 000.

The next news is probably a great surprise for all Estonian speakers. At numerous requests the Estonian version of the program's website has been implemented. Therefore now the website can be used in five different languages: English, German, Russian, Chinese and Estonian.

Another improvement is the addition of Raiffeisen Bank as another payment option. Therefore from now on payments and withdrawals can be processed via Raiffeisen Bank, which is a co-operative bank based and founded in Austria and operating throughout central and eastern Europe.

It seems that the administration of FCO is not going to stop adding new payment options and the list of currently accepted payment options is really impressive! You can see it at the bottom of each page on the website. It is clear that the target audience is investors from central and eastern Europe, however there are also possibilities for investors from any part of the world such as standard LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney.

And the fourth update is congratulation on Christmas: Let all your dreams are coming true, all the failures largely bypassed by. For more detailed information on each update, you can contact the support team via live chat or the feedback form:

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