Updated: 12/27/2010 13:50
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A new update has been published by YamaFinance. It is informed that a Certificate of Incorporation is now available for all visitors

A new update has been published by YamaFinance (yamafinance.com). It is informed that a Certificate of Incorporation is now available for all visitors of program's website. This certificate has been present on the website since the very beginning, however only investors with deposits larger than $20,000 could see it. After numerous requests of program's clients, the administration of YamaFinance decided to make Certificate of Incorporation available to everyone. It can be seen on “About Us” page on the website.

We can see in this certificate that the program is registered in Dominicana, however the office and the department of stock trading are located in Tokyo and 100% of assets are held by Japanese residents, according to the administration. Of course, the fact that some program has certificate might not be convincing for some investors because it can be obtained even from home and there is no need to go anywhere. It is also not expensive, however it is necessary to provide particular information and in general, it is good when admins make some efforts to get it. Therefore the fact that the program can provide a certificate should be appreciated.

If you read our news in which we informed about HYIPs holiday schedules (Holiday Schedules from HYIPs), then you know that the administration of YamaFinance has announced probably the longest winter vacation (from December 23 to January 9). Interest will not be added during this period but all withdrawals will be processed instantly. The absence of payments is announced and warned of, therefore the status of the program will be “Paying” these days. However, do not forget that the program is actually not paying and it is recommended to wait until this period is over and only then make deposits.

P.S. YamaFinance.com can be found in our catalog by following this link:

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