Updated: 12/28/2010 19:14
Hyip Monitor

Oilforextrading.com has sent out a newsletter to all investors today informing that their NOT PAYING statuses on monitors are groundless. More precisely, the administrator said that they do not understand why they have them: “We do not know what is the problem so our status is not paying. We want to solve this problem.” For some reason we can see a domain oildoforextrading.com in the e-mail footer.

Oilforextrading.com really has a NOT PAYING status on around 10 monitors including HYIPNews.com. We can explain why this program has such a status. It's very simple: for almost a year oilforextrading.com has been deceiving investors by paying selectively. How do they manage to do it?

I’m sure you know that not very many investors start investing by collecting and analyzing information. So, 90% of the audience of OilForexTrading consists of such investors. We regularly publish warnings and cautions but new complaints emerge again and again. Judging by the fact that the project is still online and so many monitors display positive status (not even posting warnings about this project being suspicious), the tactic still works.

Moreover, this project has managed to take the first place among investment projects in Supreme Online Awards. Looks like they found a way to free promotion and SOA does not check the real status of payments. Be careful.

, HYIPNews.com

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