Updated: 12/28/2010 14:45
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You know, every day we communicate with dozens of investors for different reasons. Someone asks a question, someone complains or just shares ideas. Too many investors prefer claims and express their suspicions. Of course, we manage to deal with most of them and sometimes a claim is too obvious to write about it. We noticed that the more popular program is - the more failures it has. If Customer Support has not had time to solve the problem - the investor is dissatisfied. Or it is always a huge problem when something happens with programs' sites. Such signals are received constantly. Fortunately, they do not affect the performance of the program and are generally neutral entity. Today we decided to select those programs, about which no one has said anything negative.

All programs that are on the top of our catalog have investors who are dissatisfied with something in this project. For example, they did not understand some terms or did not activate some function. Of course, these programs have not had such problems as Funds-o-Matic or Red Orchid but still they do not correspond to the mentioned criteria of selecting leaders. Thus, the oldest of those projects about which no one has written anything negative (and suspicious) is TopEarnMoney.

Of course, over 194 days of their operation there has been a publication of “scam or not” kind on the Internet but the reputation of this project has unexpectedly (even for me) turned out to be spotless. Of course, this does not guarantee that TopEarnMoney will be successful for the next 100 days but this is obviously for the benefit of the project. The next HYIP on which we have nothing to comment is Welch Fund. It has been online for only two months but is already on the tenth position in our rating. Primarily thanks to user votes. It has been much harder for Optimum Pride which has been operating for 154 days not to cause suspicions and complaints.

Yama Finance and Lions Society are two projects about which I have heard only good things. Of course, the statements of competitors are not taken into account. Perhaps this is the result of proper marketing work and PR, maybe these two projects were just lucky or probably they simply operate well. Grey Hyip Investment and simple Enzex Finance complete the list of programs. Despite the fact that both of these projects are fairly simple, it turned out that they operate well. Of course, the programs that have been listed in our catalog for less than 50 days don't have numerous audience. Although some of them, unfortunately, have already received a portion of criticism. Keep track of our publications in order to find out which ones.


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