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The administrator of XSeedFinance ( had surprised the investors of his program. He paid bonuses to all members (both having deposits...

The administrator of XSeedFinance ( had surprised the investors of his program. He paid bonuses to all members (both having deposits in daily and weekly investment plans). You know that there many Christmas promotions and special offers these days and mostly all of them are used to attract new investors to the programs. However, the admin of XSeedFinance paid bonuses to all members who already have deposits in the project.

It caused some confusion among investors because many of them could not understand why the paid amount was different from the usual interest amount. Some investors have even received multiple payments. The explanation has been sent out to all members. William, the admin asks to note that this was a Christmas bonus which was an addition to investors’ daily/weekly interests:

“We sent out a small percentage of your deposit amount for all individual deposits irrespective of whether it was in daily or weekly plan. So, if you had made more than one deposit with us you would have received more than one bonus payment. This is purely a bonus amount in addition to your regular daily/weekly interests which will continue to be paid as normal.”

He also informs about a soon promotional offer for the New Year. The information with all the details will be sent in a newsletter once all details are thought over. If you are an investor in XSeedFinance, you might have noticed that the live customer support is no longer online. The thing is that it is currently unavailable due to the holidays. It will start operating again on January 3, 2011, according to the promise of administration. And for now, you can contact the support staff via email if you have any questions. It is also informed that the team at is currently working on adding phone support option which should be available soon.

P.S. If you are interested in details about, you should read a review of this program published on the pages of XSeed Finance Short Review

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