Updated: 12/30/2010 14:39
Hyip Monitor

Today the project, which pays up to 6% per hour (!) is officially delaying payments. Officially means that we know about those delays. Strictly speaking, the payment on our deposit in the first plan which offers 6% hourly is delayed. Therefore deposits should not be made anymore.

Although it is quite possible that they shouldn’t have been made initially. At this point everyone decides for himself what degree of risk is acceptable and what is not. Theoretically, the existence of a real hourly program is possible. If you are offered 6% per hour for 17 hours, it means that you are offered just 2% of net income for those 17 hours. As we all know, such interest is not huge comparing to some interests offered in our field. Especially if the program has the right not to pay it immediately, meaning automatically. BestHourly does not pay money automatically and during the holidays it even makes delays of up to 12 hours.

However, those 18 days that the program has been operating are quite convincing. should not be compared to those that offer you a total return of 200% and more after 24 hours. Anyway, BestHourly is still quite a risky project and 18 days of operating increase this risk twice. Of course, Besthourly still has cover in the form of official news (they have right to delay payments) but can they survive this period on such terms? They hardly can.

We ask all investors of this project to comment on this news or to contact us via live support.


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