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Today we offer to your attention the latest in this year survey of the information field of highyield investments. In this issue you will find out...

Today we offer to your attention the latest in this year survey of the information field of high-yield investments. In this issue you will find out about the important events that happened in HYIP industry during the last 5 days including weekends. The next issue of our survey will be released on Tuesday on the second week of January meaning on January 12, 2011. If you want to keep abreast of new investment projects and those projects in which it is better not to invest, as well as of everything that has happened with HYIPs read our HYIP Information Surveys regularly.

Openings. Despite the holidays, new HYIPs (investment games or ponzi pyramids) appear in the usual amount (about 50 new projects per week). However, due to holidays, only few of these projects draw the attention of investor. Here are those who have been mentioned in interview/review or announced by monitors: DollarCommerce (dollarcommerce.net), FxEconomy (Fxeconomy.com), SpicaFinance (spicafinance.com), GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com), AmilloTrade (amillotrade.com), PrimoEarnings (primoearnings.com), AccessTomorrow (accesstomorrow.net)

And now lets take a look at the projects that have been mentioned in regular investment projects battle by ECJ. In a pair Safe Capital (safecapital.biz) vs. Agutera Group (aguteragroup.com) Aguteragroup won (4 categories against 2). No one won in comparison of Dolphin Dive Trade (dolphindivetrade.com) and Felix Funds (felixfunds.com). Today it became known that dolphindivetrade.com seems to be hacked, therefore FelixFunds is ahead in this pair. In a battle between Blue Money Box (bluemoneybox.com) and Xp Investment (xpinvestment.com) the second one appeared to be stronger.

Be careful. The administrator of ChristmasCracker (christmas-cracker.net) is mentioned in our be careful column for the second time. This time it has been noticed because of spam that is sent out to draw attention to the project. Be careful.

A program 144CashAds (144cashads.com) that has been successfully developing during 2010 has unexpectedly been attacked by those who promoted it just yesterday. The fact is that the admin declared the lack of activity during the holidays but he continues accepting deposits. I do not know whether there are real problems or not but investing is not recommended now. You will not receive payments anyway...

HYIP Blogs. Frank, the author of The Private HYIP Blog continues pleasing us by releasing interesting and useful publications. His experience, observations and conclusions deserve great attention. A week ago he published an article which provides answers to the questions:

  • How can you make money online with HYIPs ?
  • Why do I make passive money from HYIPs ?

The conclusion of this publication can be expressed in one sentence but it must be read in full anyway: "Honestly, the main reason why I clear a consistant profit from High Yield Investment Programs is because I learnt how to select quality HYIPs and to diversify my selection wisely." Here is this article.

Closures. Greenvestment (greenvestment.biz), SpicaFinance (spicafinance.com), GoldMiningFund (goldminingfund.com)

Events. Usually in this column we gather news about all noticeable HYIP projects, which have not been published in regular updates on our site. However, today this section is almost empty. RussianOilFund (russianoilfund.com) has added AlertPay as their third payment processor. GoldMiningFund (goldminingfund.com) announced that they will continue working on holidays. The same promise was made by PrimoEarnings (primoearnings.com).

Bonuses and contests. The admin of XSeedFinance (xseedfinance.com) has sent a small Christmas bonus to every active member of his program. The admin of FenixTrust (fenixtrust.com) has decided to congratulate his clients by accruing a bonus on all deposits of investors for thirty days. You still have time to participate in this promotion offer. The administrator of SolidPercent (solidpercent.com) who acknowledged that his project does not develop as well as he would like to, has decided to use the holiday to attract additional investments. You will get a 6% bonus for every deposit of $500. I would not risk five hundred during the holidays, especially with a program that publicly admits its weakness.

Problems. RedOrchidInvest (redoinvest.com) seems to be officially announced problematic. In any case, the status on GoldPoll and MNO is Problem, though HYIP.com believes that the absence of payments is associated with the holidays (its status is HOLIDAYS).

Surprise. It seems like Regenano (regenano.com) has seriously decided to get back to work. Now many of those monitors with which this project cooperated in the past display a NOT PAYING status. However, some of them are ready to give it the green light. In order to come back, the administrator has sacrificed his documents (his?) and gave them for reviewing to FlaxTalk. The payments have been made for two weeks but it is unknown whether the intensions of the admin will be successful.

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