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Today is December 31 and we already know exactly who will be with us the next year. Of course, some administrators are certainly able to shut down

Today is December 31 and we already know exactly who will be with us the next year. Of course, some administrators are certainly able to shut down their projects in the middle of the last night of 2010 but I hope that this will not happen. In general, despite the existence of the theoretical possibility of losing someone else in the last 24 hours, we hope that 95% of the list of currently paying programs will remain the same in 2011 and we can decide what we start the next year with.

There are still two solid leaders among the old and proven projects and we are pleased that both of them are on the top of our catalog. They are OrbisTrends and IncomeNonStop.

The most striking project of 2010 is Safe Depositary. Due to the active support of investors it managed to end up on the third position in the catalog even though it has been online for just 137 days. During the autumn, they had only a few problems with access to the site but apart from that Safe Depositary has been developing exemplary. Although, I must admit, there were some doubts considering the holiday season. Of course, doubts regarding Land Bank Invest and ReProFinance were even larger but both projects have survived and it seems like they pay without any problems.

The discovery of the year is FenixTrust. This project turned out to be less risky than originally estimated and proved its great potential. It was launched at the beginning of the year and its first investors have already received pure profit at the end of this year. Not many people believed in success of Macro Trade. It has been always difficult to contact them and their plans remained a mystery. However now there are new opportunities for all these projects. Whether they will take advantage of them or not is a rhetorical question.

And now let's get to those who appeared at the end of the year and have the opportunity to succeed. By such opportunities I mean sinless work in the past, high-quality work in the present and the advantages which can be appreciated by investors. Optimum Pride is the first project in this list. The appearance of this project is very different from their competitors' and it looks much better. However, this advantage is not accompanied by support in terms of advertising or promotion. Even the PR of the program is not very noticeable. Perhaps they are waiting for the right time to come and they have such opportunity now. A.M.F. Limited differs in other feature. The admin of the program emphasizes the fact that he is involved in real business and really want everyone to understand it. Some people even have the opportunity to visit the fish farm, in which they invest on the Internet. The only thing holding back the attention of investors is low income. Mr Tisch pays only 5-25% per month.

Two projects which stay in the industry in 2011 can hardly be compared (both in terms of risks and in the principle of work) but they should be named together at the moment. The first project is PandaTrade, it is advertised, the administration of it gives interviews and orders reviews. Their terms are truly epic and its scale allows the project to be among the leaders at the end of 2011. They are criticized for decreasing profit in some of the funds but on the other hand, it is impossible to withstand the hurricane without flexibility.

Lions Society offers less profit and generally is not a full-fledged HYIP project. This project is based on an idea, the scale of which is really impressive but do investors believe in it? Do they invest sufficient capital which helps implement this idea? Does this idea work? I think that 2011 will provide answers to these questions and then we will be able to assess the risks of LS more accurately. The project has developed during 2010 and has been noticeable which means we can wait for new successes in the next year.

Lastly, a couple of those that can be considered true beginners. They have been operating for up to a month and during this period of time have demonstrated something due to which they are remembered. Unfortunately, half of these programs will probably be closed in January but the other half might operate up till summer if the development of the market and ambitions of administrators will sustain it. The following programs are the last ones to name in our article about the projects that will be with us the next year: Informal Investors, FelixFunds, FxCambier, LionFunds and AccessTomorrow.

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