Updated: 01/03/2011 17:30
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The website is currently unavailabl there is no hope for its return. However, just today the situation seemed to be very promising

The website is currently unavailable and there is almost no hope for its return. However, just today the situation seemed to be very promising. They needed just $2,600 LR to process suspended payments (including our $120) but apparently the required money was not found. Let's recall how the situation developed.

On December 30, 2010 the administration of ROF reported about problems with the exchange of money from cash into Liberty Reserve. The exchanger which they used to use were shut down for holidays and left the project without the funds that it needed for paying dividends via LR. On January 1 the administration started looking for an exchange service more insistently offering to purchase LibertyReserve via Bank Wire. And today it has been informed about the required amount.

They continued paying via AlertPay but were not paying through PerfectMoney and LR. Of course, it could not continue indefinitely. On the other hand, there was no need to continue indefinitely but rather wait for a full functioning of exchange services. However, it seems that the administration of ROF did not manage to wait for it. Of course, being offline today may be beneficial for them because they can get the required amount and pay everything out upon return, but unfortunately such result can be rarely seen in the world of high-yield investments.


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