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As you remember, we informed you about a promise to introduce a New Year offer made by the admin of XSeedFinance (xseedfinance.com): Christmas Bonus...

As you remember, we informed you about a promise to introduce a New Year offer made by the admin of XSeedFinance (xseedfinance.com): Christmas Bonus from XSeedFinance. Well, the offer has been made and was supposed to last until 23:59 GMT January 1. However, it seems like it hasn’t attracted many investors and the admin explains it by saying the following:

“We had many members contacting us over the past couple of days stating that we had not given enough of a notice period for our New Year Promo. I apologize for this and I understand that many of you might have had other plans on New Year’s and so might have not read our email till very late. So, we have decided to extend our New Year Promo offer for a couple more days. The promo will now close on 23.59 hrs, January 4th.”

As you can see, the offer has been extended and you can still take part in it if you are interested in the following terms: 20% for existing and 15% bonus for new members on deposits of $5 - $2,500 and 15% deposit bonus for existing members (10% for new ones) if they invest $2,501 - $5,000 in any of the plans offered at XSeedFinance.com (1.5% - 2.5% on business days forever or 8.5% - 13.5% weekly forever). However, you should also know about the following rules if you want to make a deposit:

1. The interest paid on the deposit bonus is the same as the interest on your deposit (meaning the same as offered in the chosen investment plan);
2. The deposit bonus can not be withdrawn. Therefore when you decide to close your investment account and withdraw your principal, only initial deposit will be returned to you.

You can also invite other people and get a 5% referral commission on their deposits. It was also reported in the latest news about XSeedFinance that live support should start operating on January, 3 which is today therefore if it does start, you will be able to ask questions regarding the New Year offer in live chat.

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