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January has rolled around and many people have sighed with relief. The year of crisis, the year of black December is behind and everyone can start working. However, is it really so? Is this January that came after Black December really White? What should we beware of in January, what to pay attention to and where to move?

First of all, look at those programs that stayed. We have just recently published the news about those who survived. You can read the news here. The programs mentioned in this publication distinguished themselves in 2010 and they deserve close attention in 2011. Although the programs that had problems in 2010 can become leaders. The main thing for you is to look at the old programs.

If there are no interesting projects for you among those that have operated for 10 days, do not rush to invest in those which appeared in January. It is still unknown whether investors will invest till January 10 or even until the end of the third week. Recent programs must also prove themselves before starting making money. Not all of those that begin their work in January will keep operating in end of February.

Try to put money aside. Despite the fact that investing revives in the beginning of the year and becomes more active, this is not the beginning of the season. And it does not mean at all that there will be lots of money immediately and investing will be profitable and riskless. Diversify your deposits among the best programs. Try to invest in those who will be popular tomorrow and was not popular yesterday.

Watch. The most productive time to determine leaders is the time of high competition. Each of the programs that survived begins to fight for its audience at the beginning of the year. If they do not try to gain your attention - it is the first important information that you can get this year.

In general, my friends, remember that investing is hard work. Unfortunately, the times of impetuous success has gone by. If these times come back, believe me, you will not miss it. And so far, the White January only means that you (as an investor) have a lot of work to do and you also have great opportunities. Whether you rely on other people’ advices or on your own instincts, in any case, you have to make a choice.

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