Updated: 01/06/2011 10:08
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The administration of InvestPlatforms has recently informed that AlertPay had frozen the companys AlertPay account.

The administration of InvestPlatforms ( has recently informed that AlertPay had frozen the companys AlertPay account. They have posted emails that display correspondence with the management team of AlertPay so that all members could understand the real situation. This correspondence can be read here. As you understand, the deposits via this payment processor can not be made at the moment, as well as withdrawals can not be processed. For all other payment processors, payments are made on schedule.

The core of the problem is as follows. The customer of, whose user name is Zsusaringer has filed a dispute at AlertPay, however InvestPlatforms had never received any complaints or requests of refund from this user. The administration of the program informs that they have filed a complaint with (Better Business Bureau) against AP with this issue. They also say:

Please bear in mind that: Investplatforms is VeriSign trusted and Audited by state bank of Vietnam therefore we take no compromise in our stand against parties whom tries to extort, destroy or create falsified claims to lower our business ethics, integrity and reputation.

The administration of InvestPlatforms also asks all AlertPay account holders to help by sending support tickets to the helpdesk of AP ( In doing so, you can help speed up the process of reinstatement of our Account to resume services. Well, maybe it will help but the thing is that it is not that easy to restore AlertPay accounts and I know about just a few programs who managed to do it. Of course, we all hope that will be one of them soon and this issue will be resolved.

Unfortunately, it is not the first HYIP that has problems with AlertPay. A striking example that occurs to me is a recent story with one of the leaders in the industry It had the same issues with AlertPay the account was suspended and transactions were not processed. You can read about this story in our news: Everyone hoped that the problem would be just temporary but a couple of weeks later Flamanta collapsed. We hope that this time the suspension is really temporary and the problem will be resolved soon.

P.S. An exclusive interview with the administration of InvestPlatforms is available here. A review of the program with all detailed information can be read here.

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