Updated: 01/10/2011 11:03
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The admin of FelixFunds ( has announced an official closure of his program. In his newsletter he blames the members of the program...

The admin of FelixFunds ( has announced an official closure of his program. In his newsletter he blames the members of the program saying that they were impatient and did not want to wait for admin to pay:

“We wanted to wait till monday but it seems that members don’t have that patience. The cashflow was very small even from before Christmas but we struggled to save the site by withdrawing continue from forex. Now our luck of experience in this industry made us do a mistake. The facebook promotion made membership exploded but also the withtdrawals requests as well. This way it exceeded our possibility to pay from forex profits as we can’t withdraw that much, that fast.”

Felix says that because the investors did not want to wait, he has to announce the official closure. He promises to withdraw all funds from FOREX and refund members who are not in profit yet. Well, the promise is great but we never believe such promises unless we see that the it is kept. The thing is that despite the fact that is officially closed, it is still possible to register and the deposits are still accepted which is most likely the sign of admin's intention to make some more money before leaving.

It is not a secret that many online investors do not read news on a daily basis and might still not know about the official closure. Another sign of such intention is the fact that the shoutbox has been removed, therefore no one will see any complaints. Also the announcement about the closure has not been posted in the news section on the main page. As for me, it is very sad because the way FelixFunds developed made us think that it would last for a long time and the admin was honest. You might have noticed that the investment status of this program has changed a couple of times during the last 10 days at And here is why.

Before the holidays Felix announced the possible delays and said that they would not exceed 72 hours. We try not to change the status if the administrator warns about possible delays and the explanation is reasonable. However, the delays in this project exceeded 72 hours and the status was changed. Then, the administrator announced another period of "delays" and that time they shouldn't have exceeded 48 hours. Again, this problem was almost immediately displayed at the status was changed due to the fact that payments on our deposit were not processed depending on the term but depending on the amount.

Small payments were processed on time and large ones were not received. Those were not delays but selective payouts. We understood that the administrator did not have enough new deposits to pay interest and that the success of this project depended on the recovery of its popularity. Therefore, once all the payments were made and the status became positive again we offered the admin to think about the ways of recovering the reputation of his project. However, even the day before yesterday such ways were not found and the project could not go the other way. Do not invest in

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