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I'm sure everyone is aware of the fact that a program RussianOilFund ( is officially closed. It has negative statuses on ALL...

I'm sure everyone is aware of the fact that a program RussianOilFund ( is officially closed. It has negative statuses on ALL monitors and the administration of the program does not pay. You can see this program in our problematic listing with a NOT PAYING status: We have informed about it several times and we hope none of you has made deposits since our first warning was issued.

Briefly, the administration of RussianOilFund informed that their LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney accounts were hacked, then they were trying to find an exchanger and then simply stopped paying. You can read the full story here: The History of Russian Oil Funds. Just before they started having problems, they added AlertPay and paid the AP account holders while they didn't pay to LR and PM.

Well, it seems like that should be the end of the story, however it is not so. The website is still online, deposits are still accepted but the impudence of the admin has no boundaries. Today he has sent out a newsletter with the following subject line: ROF AlertPay Deposit Bonus Promotion:

“We are offering a limited time 10% deposit bonus for ALERTPAY deposits. AlertPay is our latest payment processor and were not entitled to the deposit bonus we had when we first launched online. Going into 2011, all AlertPay deposits of at least $200 will receive a 10% deposit bonus! Also we are offering screenshots of payment proof now to anyone who submits a support request.”

They offered bonuces in the end of December, when there were no signs of problems (read here) and we advised not to invest if you could not afford to lose. Those who invested will never see their money again, though they new what they were risking. However, this time it is not just risky, it is forbidden. Do not invest in RussianOilFund.

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