Updated: 01/12/2011 13:34
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Many investors use the website AllHyipMonitors.com when they want to check payment statuses of some programs. HYIP admins are aware of this fact and...

Many investors use the website AllHyipMonitors.com when they want to check payment statuses of some programs. HYIP admins are aware of this fact and pay for being advertised there. However, there is a rule at allhyipmonitors.com: “If your site is found reported as scam on more than one listing site for more than one day or in any other fraud we reserve the right to decline or remove your listing, banner ad or text ad without notice and refund!” And now let's take a look at some HYIPs that are advertised at allhyipmonitors.com.

offers 600%-1000% after 1 hour, 50%-100% daily for 12 days, 5%-20% daily for 200 days (principal back). The minimum deposit is just $1. As you can see, the rates are sky-high. It is listed on 5 monitors with “Paying” status. However, those five monitors can not be considered reliable because I have noticed them showing fake status and advertising scam programs many times. Therefore the rule of AllHyipMonitors means noting to Live-dollars. Those 5 monitors will always show a Paying status. Investors who never check all possible information might surely invest in this program because it is nice-looking, it is “advertised”, it has a “Paying” status, it is even possible to see a screenshot with proof of payment on the main page. Everyone can even look at top 10 investors who got paid and received unbelievable profit. I'm sure you are not one of those people who would invest in this program.

Card-funds.com also offers you extremely profitable plans: 800% after 1 hour, 20%-60% hourly for 48 hours, 0.4%-4% hourly for 1000 hours, 1% daily forever (principal back). The minimum deposit is $5. It is also monitored by 5 HYIP monitors and guess what? Those are the same monitors as in case with the above described Live-dollar.com! Is it surprising? Well, not for me because as I've already said, this is not the first time I see these monitors involved with dangerous programs. You can also see top 10 investors at Card-funds.com and the administration of the program has definitely decided to impress all potential investors. According to statistics, one of the program's investors was paid $1,913,350! (for example, in live-dollar the amount $657,240 is the largest). As you can see, you can become a millionaire if you invest in Card-funds :)

(to be continued...)

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