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We welcome you in the new year, our dear readers. All the holidays have passed and all the excuses have ended.

We welcome you in the new year, our dear readers. All the holidays have passed and all the excuses have ended. Weak projects died, new programs came and everything fell into place. A new investment year has begun. And we continue our regular observations of development and life of our project, as well as everything that is related to our activities in the field of online high-yield investments.

If you are an investor, like we are, then most likely the holidays affected your capital invested in HYIP. Accordingly, the profit from interest has decreased. Of course, if you invest in the same way as we do, then most likely your capital is positive, meaning you haven't lost money. Moreover, you set aside money from the payments to compensate for the loss. And now you're thinking about the way of starting investing again.

I do not know how much the phrase "White January" is justified but I can guarantee you that there are more programs now. Not only that there are many programs from the last year, many projects have been launched this year. Investing in them is risky, as always, and I recommend that you do not invest if you do not understand what you are risking. However, there are already lots of projects to choose from. With such mood HYIPNews.com ends the second week of the 2011.

First of all, we added a Standard Listing. We decided to invite all programs in it for free. On the one hand, we allow those programs that do not have money to get into our catalog. On the other hand, we can control more programs. And because we are confident that the statuses we show are the most reliable in HYIP industry, we know that it will help investors save more money.

The requirement for financial viability of the administrator remains valid. And those programs that actively operate rather than just write the promises, can take worthy positions in or catalog and others may not. The participants of the Standard Listing will not even get the same news coverage, as the projects in the Premium Listing. Of course, the time factor is still essential. Programs with a positive history get higher the longer they work. However we also try to take other components into account.

Secondly, we went through our Twitter (http://twitter.com/hyipnewscom) and created several lists that you may find helpful. For example, we have put together some programs into one group (we hope this number will grow). In addition, we identified a small number of monitors and forums (http://twitter.com/hyipnewscom/hyipmonitors) and we also made a collection of interesting sources of information: http://twitter.com/hyipnewscom/hyip-information. If you have any contacts, please email us. Let's develop a high-yield Twitting :) Unfortunately, very few people post there but in general it is a valuable information resource. And we certainly try to keep you informed on everything that happens in the world of high-yield investments. Plus, we publish advices on investing and of course, a lot of updates from different sources (which we have more than anyone else).

Thirdly, as we promised in a previous Observer, we've moved a module MY HYIPNEWS. You, as always, can leave feedback regarding this matter in our forum, in the relevant section (This link used to lead to a forum, it is no longer relevant). We plan to add reputation in this module and add a few links that will help better navigate our site and make the most of the daily published information.

Now we are engaged in removing some minor things, making a few improvements in advertising and as I have said above – we are actively looking around. We write more reviews, communicate with administrators more and, of course publish news about all this. We do it every day. Stay tuned

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