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Sergei Mavrodi is an outstanding personality in Russia. He established the first pyramid right after the collapse of the Soviet Union (read here) which almost shattered the structure of a state. And the government stopped him. He served time in jail, returned, spent several years at home in front of the computer and launched a new project MMM-2011 in the beginning of this year.

The essence of it is incredibly simple: payments of profit are made directly by one investor to another via the payment system WebMoney. Even overseas audience has suddenly showed their interest despite the fact that the project is firstly limited by WM which is only popular in Russia and secondly, a person that is especially popular in this country is involved. Even Warren Buffett does not hold such a position in the USA. And the conditions which may be after the release of Warren Buffett comparing to the conditions in which Sergei Mavrodi is now are somewhat different.

Once Sergei Mavrodi invited everyone to participate in the System based on his rules, everybody immediately paid attention to him: the government, bloggers and online investors. And, of course, the deceived investors of last MMM. If not for these factors, it is unlikely we would write about it. However, we will probably have to make a more detailed analysis of this project next week. It's a typical HYIP, offering 20% per month. High-yield monitors are already there and want to take part in this. Our readers should be aware of it.

Meanwhile, Sergei is fueling his popularity, skillfully putting wood in the fire. Firstly, he provides information piece by piece. Secondly, he comments on all attacks and accusations, creating an image of the aggrieved (and sometimes sick) person. Thirdly, he provokes many people to participate in MMM-2011, by asking for assistance on all matters that occur on the path of the new MMM. For example, he asks to tell about forums, about payment systems and the legal nuances. Sergei Mavrodi supposedly knows nothing, understands nothing and simply suggests how you can all make money on simple terms.

These terms are as follows: the structure of investors is built up through the system WebMoney. All investors keep money in their wallets, buying nominal shares or MMM-dollars with this money. Dollar rate is changed twice a week, and it is surprising but Mavrodi himself determines the rate. However, he says that he has nothing to do with it :) The promised growth is 20% per month but it could be even negative. As far as I understand, it all depends on the amount of funds that will be invested in the project. If the amount will grow by 20% a month, the course of "shares" will grow as well to infinity.

There are lots of risks. Starting from the unpredictability of the organizer of this System (in fact he defines the exchange rate of MMM-dollars/WMZ pair), ending with power and the internal machinations. After all, money can really be withdrawn at any time even not changing a rate (it is enough to give the instructions to every participant to pay another participant). Gradually the organization has more standards and conditions and the words are turning into reality. No one knows what will work out of this, but the phenomenon is definitely interesting. We'll keep you informed.

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