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If you visit the website of a program called ReProFinance ( you will see right on the main page that it has been online for 222 days....

If you visit the website of a program called ReProFinance ( you will see right on the main page that it has been online for 222 days. I find this number interesting and I think we should take a look at this program and see what it has achieved after being online for 222 days.

In our article which was released on December 31, ReProFinance was among the programs that we named: Who will be with us the Next Year. And it is really still with us and has rubbed through the difficult Christmas period.

It offers four investment plans for a period of 90 or 180 days. Principal is returned at the end of the term. During the investment period your profit is accumulated in your account each business day and can be withdrawn instantly, anytime.

  • Conservative Plan: 0.8% daily for 90 days or 0.9% daily for 180 days. The minimum deposit is $10 or 10€ and the maximum deposit is $999 or 999 €
  • Balanced Plan: 1% daily for 90 days or 1.2% daily for 180 days. The requested minimum is $1,000 (or 1,000€) and the maximum is limited by $4,999 (or 4,999€)
  • Aggressive Plan: 1.2% daily for 90 days or 1.5% daily for 180 days. If you want to receive the offered interest rate, you have to invest at least $5,000 (or 5,000€) and maximum $19,999 (or 19,999€)
  • Special Plan: 1.5% daily for 90 days or 1.9% daily for 180 days. This plan is the most profitable one, however, the amount of required minimum deposit is the largest - $20,000 (or 20,000€) and the maximum deposit is unlimited.

There is no need to calculate how much profit you will make by yourself, because there is a calculator that will do it for you. You can find it on “Plans” page and you will see your profit after you type in an amount, a reinvest rate (if you wish to reinvest) and choose an investment period. Once registered you will find $5 in your account as a bonus. The deposits are accepted via LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and Bank Transfer. is monitored by HYIPNews and is currently on a 4th position with a PAYING status in our HYIP-list which is, as you understand, a great result. It has been paying without problems since the day of launch. And even though the rates are not too high, it is a stable program which has already brought profit to many investors.

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