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Today I visited Twitter and did a little work. I found a lot of twitters of high-yield investment projects :) There are only 22 of them now but I'm sure that soon there will be more. Subscribe to this list and you will be able to keep track of work of these programs. For example, thanks to this list we unexpectedly found out that Cherry Shares is still showing vital signs.

As far as you know, CherryShares had its official Twitter located at: I saw it only twice and was keeping track of more popular Twitter, located here: because I saw it much more often than the first one. The first Twitter stopped been updated on December 25, 2010. However a new twit has recently appeared on the other one which is apparently kept by the administrator of And here is the content of the latest twit:

I received this message from CS just an hour ago - I don't think it's the same management: hi dear thasler. we are work hard on getting some certifications for come back safe on this year. are you admin the cherryshares page on facebook?

The link in tweets leads to the page of CherryShares in Facebook:
There you can find this discussion: it informs about someone who contacted the promoters of CS and started speaking about the documents, which may allow CS to come back.

Of course, no one will return. Despite the fact that some monitors still continue listing CherryShares as PAYING: this is unlikely to help. The page at Fecebook is actively used to promote other projects:,, and others. Most likely, the information regarding the return was spread just in order to attract attention to them. Well, they have succeeded.

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