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Cycle of payment means that a hyip project pays everything declared as for short-term, paying on expiry HYIPs, the first cycle ends with the first payments

The concept of the cycle of payment means that a high-yield investment project has paid you out everything it promised. In case with short-term, paying on expiry HYIPs, the first cycle ends with the first payments. However, if we are talking about a project that pays on a daily basis, the first cycle ends 100-150 days later after the launch. Invest Platforms is approaching this joyful for any investor mark, increasing its reputation, rating and popularity.

We have received 100% of our deposit and now our account is being accrued with pure profit. Our deposit ($100) is placed in the Gold Account, which allows us to obtain 1.2-1.5% daily. It took 112 days for the project to start making profit. As you can see, this is a little longer than planned but if you subtract weekends and holidays, yield of 101% return occurred exactly at the planned time. I hope they will continue developing in the same spirit. After all, they have to return 20-50% of our profit ;)

Of course, with the completion of a certain stage there is an additional risk. Any experienced investor keeps it in mind. However, the popularity of a project also increases therefore cashflow is stable and the focus of development is clear. Each investor chooses the option that does not contradict his investment strategy. If you dont have any strategy, then just do what you like. If you like proven projects - Invest Platforms is one of them because it started paying us pure profit.

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