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The administration of YourPrivateLottery ( has posted two updates informing about the new design of the website and about the...

The administration of YourPrivateLottery ( has posted two updates informing about the new design of the website and about the plans. They hope all visitors of the website will like the new look of and encourage everyone to post testimonials in the special section. You can also send email describing your impression and the best emails will be published on the front page.

In the second update it is explained why the program has just recently started adding monitors even though it has been online for more than 50 days. The thing is that the admin of YourPrivateLottery decided to test his program in the Russian HYIP market first and because it turned out to be very successful, he has opened it to the entire world. Therefore he decided to explain the details of investment plans for all new and potential members.

There are three plans at First two short-term plans (120% and 130% after 7 days) are designed as promo-plans and intend to attract new members. The maximum investment amount is limited by $100 and you can have only one investment in 7 days plan: For example, If you invest $25 on 7 days plan, after 7 days (on expiry) you will get 120% in total or $30. If the user invests $100, they will receive $130 after 7 days (on expiry) where $30 is profit and $100 is the initial deposit.

The third plan is a daily one and brings 2.5% for 90 days 7 days a week (the total profit is 225%). The number of deposits is unlimited and principal is included. It is informed that: For the first month user gets 75% of his deposit back and breaks even on the forty (40) day.

P.S. YourPrivateLottery was added to our catalog on January 13 and is currently on the 28th position in our catalog with PAYING status:

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