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Today we publish a regular survey of the highyield industry. I hope you're still with us, because it is becoming hot. There are more programs around ...
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Today we publish a regular survey of the highyield industry. I hope you're still with us, because it is becoming hot. There are more programs around ...

Today we publish a regular survey of the high-yield industry. I hope you're still with us, because it is becoming hot. There are more programs around (last week a record number of them appeared (about 70!), the investment field is becoming wider and there are also lots of risks. However, you can easily identify the newest, the most attractive and popular HYIPs with the help of our surveys.

Openings. Here you can find all the newest programs as well as those HYIPs about which it has been recently written. Basically they are just beginning their way but many have even started making their first payments. Thus, the new programs are: Businex (businex.biz), OilCapital (oil-capital.com), GoldenShoesVentures (gsvreloaded.com), Vaneax, Nanoresearchinvest (Nanoresearchinvest.com), Wopinvest (Wopinvest.com), Escaliva (Escaliva.com), 1autopay (1autopay.com), Belimoney (Belimoney.com), Incomeladder (Incomeladder.net)

The following programs were compared on ECJ: Ws Finance (wsfinance.net) vs. Easy Cash Growth (easycashgrowth.com): Wsfinance wins in 3 categories while Easycashgrowth wins in 1 category only. Able-Assets (able-assets.com) vs. Hyip Scoring (hyipscoring.com): Able-assets wins in 3 categories and Hyipscoring wins in 1 category. Instant Life (instantlife.biz) vs. Electron Money (electronmoney.net): Electronmoney is considered to be better because it wins in three categories and its opponent Instantlife wins in two categories. Klick Wallet (klickwallet.com) vs. Money Never Sleeps (money-never-sleeps.org): Klickwallet wins in 4 categories while MNS wins in 2 categories. Amillo Trade (amillotrade.com) vs. Extra Income (exincome.com): both investment programs win in 2 categories, therefore there is no winner.

Be careful. The situation at stanbec.com is not clear. All monitors show positive statuses but investors actively complain. In addition, it allegedly sends spam and online investors really don't like it. Someone on our forum has issued a warning against investing in stanbec.com.

Another word of caution should be said about RedOrchid. Nothing is eternal, and this project also has problems, according to rumors which are unverified and may be caused by long operating life of the program and a large audience.  

Closures. YesInvestment (yes-investment.com) has been closed. FinIntCorp (finintcorp.com) is also closed. Short-term programs haven't been lucky recently. Or rather, someone strated closing and opening investment projects more confidently and «with good judgement». PrimoEarnings (primoearnings.com) has brought profit to first investors, however it also managed to fool a lot of those investors who were not among the first ones. And who's is usually among the first investors? Those who were actively promoting the project. They do not care how soon it will close. Profit is all they care about.

Events. The admin of AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) informed that after the winter holidays his program really soared to new heights and attracted a lot of new members that are interested in the opportunity to join. The admin of DollarCommerce (dollarcommerce.net) proudly reported in a newsletter that his program achieved the goal of surviving Black December and is celebrating its first month of operation. In addition, with regard to this event, they renewed the banners. The admin of KlickWallet (klickwallet.com) mentioned that his programs had reached over 700 members for the first week online which is a really good result for such a program. 144CashAds (144cashads.com) has made a step back in its development and changed the terms of plans. Now the payments are made only on business days and not on calendar days. Looks like they had a hard time during the holidays and there are still no new deposits. Having done that, the administrator managed to pay all the debts to investors.

Emoney. The program ReProFinance (reprofinance.com) added AlertPay and now accepts deposits via this payment processor as well as via Bank Wire, LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. Gerefex Investments (gerefex.com) added the ability to make a deposit via the payment system AlertPay. It seems like despite all difficulties which occur because of the chargeback function at AlertPay, admins admit its popularity.

Contests. Future Forex Traders Pvt. Ltd. (futuretraders.biz) announces a mega offer of 5% deposit bonus, on all deposits made above $50 by existing and new investors.

Promises. The admin of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) will join flaxtalk in the ChatBox, most likely on Wednesday next week.

Agents Reports (about). The name of one of our recent agents is SteaveJ. At first we thought he was a hoaxer and took his publications with disbelief. However, each of them is interesting and the signals which he posts on our forums can be published as separate news. But for now we offer you to read these signals on the forum.

Regarding fxband and fx-band:

When my LibRes money was confirmed as paid to the merchant and I was invited to return to merchant , I duly pressed the return invitation and the screen immediately went blank. I attempted to login in using toolbar [at that point I suspected nothing more than a 'glitch'[. However, all my login attempts failed. So I e-mailed fxband's support 'where's my money gone ?

Regarding invest-mn.com:

I have joined and I notice: The site content, layout, investor stats, personal account information, investment plan presentation is either ALMOST identical, or ACTUALLY identical to the recently popped up, take some money then go ' besthourly.biz ' Hmmmmm

We will try to check everything in the nearest future (some information in posts is difficult to understand at once) and express an opinion on our forum. We guarantee that useful work will be rewarded. We really appreciate your work and we guarantee that investments in our common success will bring you profit. HYIPNews.com works on it every day, join us.

HYIP Monitors. Interestingly, but we do not often get to write about other monitors. Moreover, about their launch:) There are about 600 monitors around and it seems that the new one will not change anything, but in fact it is not true. In addition, we personally have never watched the first steps of monitors therefore it is interesting to watch. So, a new monitor http://hyipstreet.net appeared on December 2. A simple script and a simple design. We would have never paid attention to it, if not for the fact that a month ago they had added a blog as well: http://blog.hyipstreet.net/.

Another thing is that everything is on FlaxHost, which is also curious. Is someone going to start monitoring projects in such a way? Is this the first experience? It is interesting how the project will develop and what will work out of this. Now it has all the components to take up a worthy position in the market. There is even our Export News there. Is it possible not to succeed with such a set?

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