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Today we are going to tell you about the most important term: HYIP. HYIP. HighYield Investment Program This term means a project, the main...

Today we are going to tell you about the most important term: HYIP.

HYIP.   High-Yield Investment Program   This term means a project, the main business process of which is aimed to bring investors profit during the optimal period of time. The optimal time depends on the will of the administrator of the program (HYIP Admin or HYIP Operator), on competitive opposition and other causes, in particular, it depends on the popularity of the project and its success.

High-yield investment program offers profit that is twice the amount of the usual income on investments that is available to general public. Theoretically, investment programs bring profit that can be earned on shares (up to 150% per year), on currency trading and other highly skilled methods of financial management.

However, HYIP guarantees that you will receive profit. It can be fixed or not fixed, but there are always some guarantees of income. Therefore the risk consists in not the loss of profit but in the loss of the entire deposit (a closure of a program). Therefore, the probability of loss in each individual project makes up to 70% (70 percent out of 100 are loss making), while profit is an average of 3% per day. By the way, the average interest is calculated without regard to programs that offer up to tens of thousands percent profit per day (!).

There are different types of programs: Short-Term, Long-Term, Autosirfing, Paid on Expiry, Middle-Term and LYIP. Well tell you about each of these terms in our forthcoming publications.

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