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Hello. As you might have noticed the last issue of survey was a shade less than usually as for the size. So, we have received several questions asking...

Hello. As you might have noticed the last issue of survey was a shade less than usually as for the size. So, we have received several questions asking reasons of changes. The thing is that the author of the 20th, 21st and 22nd issues of HYIP Informational Survey appears to be me, Joe Wong. And that is actually a kind of a new job for me and I frankly hope that I will manage to do it in a right way. So these 3 issues are experimental, while the 23rd regular survey will be full. Except for that, thanks to this training we will make this issue even more informative and precise. Stay tuned.

Openings. ExtraIncome (exincome.com) 120% after 5 days, Atamafunds (atamafunds.com) 2.1% daily for 60 days, Caspianfunds (caspianfunds.com) 1.8% daily for 120 days, Financecentury (financecentury.com) 6% monthly for 4 Years, Fxfundstrade (fxfundstrade.com) 2% daily for 50 days, Alliancefunds (alliancefunds.net) 5-15% after 1 month, Mgfunds (mgfunds.com) 3% daily for 45 days, Zuluexperts (zuluexperts.com) 2% for 60 days, Clippingcash (clippingcash.com) 150% after 1 day, Vanguardstar (vanguardstar.biz) 1.2% for 30 days.

The following programs were compared on ECJ: Regalia Inv (regaliainv.com) vs. Money Internet World (moneyinternetworld.com): Regaliainv and Moneyinternetworld win in 2 categories each. Big Cash Experts (bigcashexperts.com) vs. Earno Sphere (earnosphere.com): Bigcashexperts wins in 3 categories while Earnosphere wins in 2 categories.

Problems. The admin of SureFireSurf (surefiresurf.com) has informed of problems concerned with upgrades made via STP processor which are not instant for some reason and had to be submitted manually by the administration. According to information which we have received from our readers. MutualTreaty (mutualtreaty.com) seems to have problems with pay-outs, for this reason the status is changed to not paying on numerous monitors. Be caruful!

Good news. KlickWallet (klickwallet.com) informed of some issues which concerned the instant PerfectMoney deposits. This trouble was concerned with Dragonara and GoldCoders and it also struck some other programs. As it was reported by the admin of SureFireSurf the problem had been solved throughout several days and meanwhile now PerfectMoneys back to normal crediting instantly to members accounts.

Events. AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) was running for two months already and meanwhile the referral contest was over on Monday, besides in the latest newsletter, the admin answered on users popular question about compounding option telling that it might be activated right from an account. KlickWallet (klickwallet.com) has already reached the mark of 1,500 members. OilCapital (oil-capital.com) has added telephone support and Skype support. A payment proof page and ShoutBox are now available on DollarCommerceňús (dollarcommerce.net) website. The admin of AllianceAdvantage (alliance-advantage.com) stated that the announced re-design of the site is delayed. Vanguardstar (vanguardstar.biz) conditions of the plans have been changed, so here is the new options: paying 1.2% for 30 days, 1.4% for 45 days, then it comes 65 days of 1.7%, 2.0% during 80 days, 2.3% for 95 days and 2.7% for 120 days. SafeCapital (safecapital.biz) added Live Support after 55 days of successful operating. OximoFunds (oximofunds.com) has reached 500 members in only 15 days. BMFN (bmfn.info) paid $12.273 to each VIP customer. RevenueBuild (revenue-build.com) the program reached over 300 members already. SureFireSurf (surefiresurf.com) is 85 days online having more than 4,800 members now.

Be careful. PrestigRev (prestigrev.com) is now delaying payouts accompanied by total silence from the admin. Also be careful with Abcfastdaily (abcfastdaily.com), the program seems to have the scam status on the majority of monitors.

Closures. Amillotrade (amillotrade.com) is closed. Right after the interview Stanbec (stanbec.com) has stopped paying. PerfectInvestmentFundss (perfectinvestmentfunds.com) admin is asking for some additional payment in order to withdraw dont think so, cause its a sure scam, so be careful. Also PerfectInvestmentFunds (perfectinvestmentfunds.com) started to offer unrealistic plans, which was a sure scam sign. PositiveSurf (positivesurf.com) is proved to be a scam after 1 cycle only.

Emoney. GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) has added Bank Wires as another payment option to their long list of payment processors accepted which includes LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney, GlobalDigitalPay, Pecunix and recently added AlertPay. LibertyReserve was unavailable for several hours on 23rd of January, due to an upgrade which should have made the system more productive and faster. Also until 02/01/2011 you will be obliged to fill in the information required in order to access your LR account, some reports about frozen accounts due to provided information have been observed.

Bonuses and contests. RevenueBuild (revenue-build.com) has announced a new contest which is dedicated to its 75 days anniversary:

...please write in at least 2-3 paragraphs on how you feel about us in about 75-100 words and we will reward the three most interesting articles about with 5 USD each. You can submit your article to us by the end of server time on the 75th day.

Promises. KlickWallet (klickwallet.com) has promised that Reviews & Interviews page will be integrated on this weekend. OximoFunds (oximofunds.com) are going to integrate Live chat and Telephone support (which will be reserved only to biggest investors) to their website. RevenueBuild (revenue-build.com) wants to introduce a new plan which will be activated in a week or so to 75th day anniversary: 9% daily for 13 days which should give you 116% rebate at the end of 13 days.

HYIP Blogs. Reasoning about the industry and Flaxworld hot news by Lea (flaxtalk.com/content/leaness-back-part-time-585/).

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