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Any HYIP monitor has a specific set of programs in its list of programs. There are short-term, medium-term and long-term programs in this list. In this set there are those that will be closed within a week and those that will operate for another half a year. There are also unexpected scammers. Of course, we're talking about a HYIP monitor that does not show obviously false statuses, promoting its own programs. We're talking about an honest monitor. Every honest monitor has absolutely the same set of different types of programs. So can investing in programs from one source make your high-yield investing less risky or more profitable?

Hardly. This is a serious problem in the HYIP industry. Once a HYIP operator finds out about the scheme of achieving a high position in a specific monitor, he begins to use it in order to deceive you. Therefore it is wrong to think that one set of programs is better than another. All of them have the same disadvantages. I have not seen a monitor, which has not made mistakes. Today the program pays, but tomorrow it won’t. When monitors find out about this fact, it is too late.

Moreover, unfortunately, there are often those HYIPs in this list that one way or another make a deal with administrator on better terms. Those programs that buy more advertising appear in that list. I'm not talking about those cases when the program simply pays only that monitor or even is a project of this monitor or blog. Venality, dear investors is not a human flaw - it is a law of economics. It is the result of the free market.

All HYIP monitors in the field of high-yield investments have such a drawback. Be independent. As I've said many times: do not let them fool you. Why should the fact that someone has problems from time to time be hidden? Why should it be not written about and reported immediately? This may not affect the situation, but this is an important fact. You should not live for today. Investors lose a lot in present day, they are disappointed in high-yield investing. And if monitors do not change the principle of operation, it will be a threat to our field. The ideal way to reduce risks would be in case if all HYIP monitors have the same list of programs. Have you noticed that the longer the list of programs is, the more an administrator cares about promoting the programs, the more investors lose money because of this?

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