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Typical Administrator . The author of this term is Lea Gao . It appeared in video « Lea meet the typical Administrator” which you can...

Typical Administrator . The author of this term is Lea Gao. It appeared in video «Lea meet the typical Administrator” which you can watch below. If you haven’t understood who the typical administrator is, we will try to explain you what these two words mean from our point of view.

HYIP Admin is usually the one who is responsible for promotion of HYIP (NDHT HYIP Admin and HYIP Operators). Sometimes people that are professionally engaged in promoting HYIPs are involved but more often it is a responsibility of the administrator.

The vast majority of programs are promoted by the standard scenario, which includes the purchase of monitors in the maximum amount and sponsorship on forums. Some programs also buy advertising and publicity (interviews and reviews). A promoter hired to promote a program is usually responsible for purchasing advertising and communication with monitors. However, there are promoters who have their own blogs, forums, and monitors. In that case promotion is carried out mainly on those resources.

Many HYIPs have a "no money" strategy. This happens because 90% of projects really do not have money. They may offer 20% a day while can not earn for the services of a normal monitor. However, unfortunately, monitors are bare of credit and administrators must try to make it possible for their program to be listed at the maximum possible number of monitors. On the other hand, monitors are losing the audience these days and are happy when they have any opportunity to make money and add programs for free. Yes, the invested amounts are often false. Most administrators are okay with that. And so we have a typical administrator.

A typical administrator believes that he has the right to dictate the terms to monitors and to require them to obey. They do not allow doing DD of their program, do not agree to paid services and demand that monitors bring 10-20-30 investors first and only then a typical administrator will pay for monitoring services. A typical admin criticizes the "current situation" and is afraid of everything that threatens the building of his pyramid. For example, a temporary change of status can stop the cashflow of to the project and immediately destroy it. A typical administrator is an administrator of the project, in which I would not recommend investing.

Unfortunately, investors help typical administrators succeed making their first deposits blindly. Typical administrators do not invest money in their projects and even a $100 profit is okay for them. A typical administrator is the bane of HYIP industry. He is poor, irresponsible and can bring profit to investors only under the best circumstances.

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