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“Errare humanum est.” This wise Latin expression means “all men are prone to error”. HYIP investors are no exception. Over the...

“Errare humanum est.” This wise Latin expression means “all men are prone to error”. HYIP investors are no exception. Over the years of HYIP industry existence there have been a lot of mistakes made. Personally I did some mistakes as well and I hope my experience will be a good lesson for you.

So let’s start from the most common mistake such as spending too much too soon.
This mistake is usually made at the beginning of your investment career; one program paid you a good profit and you feel much more confident. You see some new HYIP with numerous positive reviews about it and you decide to invest all your previous profit in this program. That’s your mistake as the program may well be scam. You may lose your investment but for me that became a real wakeup call. I realized how important it was to test a new HYIP with a small sum of money first and then if they pay you back you can invest more. However don’t forget that even after some paid checks the program can still become scam. And don’t trust positive reviews too much, they can also be fake.

The second common mistake is focusing on individual programs.
There is a wonderful advice an investor can get: "Focus on the overall plan and not on individual HYIPs". Usually most investors prefer two or three favorite HYIPs instead of differentiating their investments among 7-10 decent programs. Of course it is harder to find 10 solid programs instead of focusing on 2 favorite HYIPs but it is still more preferable given the nature of HYIP business.

Third mistake is to forget to test the withdraw function.
It is so easy though it is so common among investors. We invest in an attractive HYIP, watch our profit growing day by day, until one day we try to withdraw our money and get… nothing. Luckily this mistake is usually made once as after one bad experience we always test the withdraw function.

Fourth mistake is unfortunately common not only in HYIP field. It’s getting greedy.
Apparently the most difficult task is not making money with HYIPs but keeping the money in your pocket. We feel the need to reinvest every single dollar as long as things are going great and the profit is growing. But when is the right time to stop? If you’ve been with a program for a long time and made a good profit, reinvest half of your money and take the rest to invest elsewhere.

Mistake 5: Not withdrawing your profit quickly.
Every investor knows the rule: to get your seed money back as soon as possible. But how to decide when the right time to withdraw is? This actually depends on how long you think the HYIP is likely to last and how long it takes to get your original spend back. Here is an advice to withdraw your original investment as soon as possible then from there on keep half the profit and reinvest half.

Mistake number 6 we make is saving up for one big withdrawal.
Don’t wait till you can withdraw a large sum. Even a solid looking site may fall when a number of large investors start requesting withdrawals. Admins may well be out of funds to make all the payments.

Seventh mistake is to do what everyone else is doing.
As it appeared too much popularity isn’t always a good thing. Once a new program gets in the spotlight it becomes vulnerable to all the rumours that start floating around. I believe the best strategy is to choose a few well-known HYIPs and a few obscure (yet established) programs.

Mistake 8: Investing without preliminary information gathering.
And here comes laziness. We invest in a promising HYIP first and then look for some info about it just to make sure we made the right choice. Don’t forget that the fact a program is accepting deposits doesn’t mean it is paying. Always check some of the big HYIP forums first or even make a Google search. It will take a few minutes but save much more.

Another popular mistake is investing big at the end of the year.
It's a common fact that online marketing hits rock bottom around Christmas time. People spend a lot during this time and by the end of the year everybody wants to withdraw some extra cash from their HYIPs which leads to a mini-HYIP-recession as it seems. Established HYIPs start falling one after one. So my advice is to hold any big investments over until the next year.

And the last mistake in our list is not tracking your returns clearly.
Another important thing for any successful investment is keeping everything in order. Make sure you are tracking the right things. Try a few different Excel spreadsheet designs to find the most suitable for you and don’t forget to include into your tracking list the following aspects: program’s name and contact info, your actual investment and its current worth, earnings as well as earning vs investment ratio, projected profit for next month, and also any interesting info concerning the program.

Try to avoid all or at least most of the above mistakes and HYIP investing will be a real pleasure for you. Good luck!

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