Updated: 01/28/2011 11:12
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The answer to this question can never be irrefragable, which is why it can be answered endlessly. I decided to take this opportunity in order to add another advice to many others. I dare to hope that six years of investment experience and professional activities in this field permit me to say those words that will help you be one step closer to success.

Look around. This is the first rule of any affair. Just stop and look around. Yes, our field attracts primarily those who want to make easy money. Therefore, this appeal automatically eliminates those who will not read the second paragraph, which requires stopping and looking around. But we ask you to spend at least 5 minutes and do that.

Type in the name of the program that you like in search line of Google.
Add the word “scam”. Now you can see a lot of different useless information, therefore I recommend you write to us or insert the address of the program in a search request on our website. That will really take 5 minutes, but at least you will not make the obvious mistakes.

Reconsider risks. Something that seems to be 5% risky is actually 50% risky because the success of programs depends on too many factors. It depends on concernment of investors, seasonal activities, advertising, audience, forums and the smartness of administrators. This creates such a number of risks, that even professionals can not accurately count the degree of success in a particular project. However, they succeed doing it. And this happens due to the fact that they stop, re-evaluate the risks and work at selecting programs in order to reduce those risks. Unfortunately, some of them do not try to actually select programs or analyze them. They simply promote HYIPs and mislead inexperienced investors in such a way. Therefore, the risks that seem insignificant are actually 10 times bigger (especially if you take into consideration the unconfirmed sources of information).


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