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Hyip Monitor

So we continue our scheduled informational survey in the field of high-yield investments. As usually we start with openings. In the openings we list new programs and also those programs which have been mentioned in the HYIP mass media.

Openings. SportBroks (sportbroks.com) 10% for 12 days, PSGP (psgp.org) 1,5% for 160 days, SilverDigger (silverdigger.com) 2% per business day, MidasGoldFund (midasgoldfund.com) 1.7% for 30 days, BentleyClub (bentley-club.net) 110% after 4 days, Flamingo-finance (flamingo-finance.com) 4.75 % after one day, Profit Trend Investment (profit-trend.com) 2,5% for 60 days, New York Gold Income (ny-goldincome.com) 55% daily for 3 days, InvestingFx (investinginfx.com) 0,98% for 30 days, Sportbrocks (sportbrocks.com) 10% for 12 days, GlobalGain (global-gain.com) 2,0% daily for 70 days, CorpbayGroup (corpbaygroup.com) 2% for 60 days, OriginFinanceNetwork (originfinancenetworks.com) 5% for 30 days, Comxinv.com (cominv.com) 18% Daily for 7 days, Profitex-Trade (profitex-trade.com) 1,2% daily for 120 days, Delta Invest (deltainv.com) 106% after 1 day, UrInv (urinv.com) 20% daily for 6 days, Instant Daily Earn (instant-daily-earn.com) 47% for 3 days, SureBusinesWay (surebusinesway.com) 115% after 3 days, OilForexInvest (oilforexinvest.com) 2% daily for 7 days, ReceiveTheMoney (receivethemoney.com) 109% after 1 day.

The following programs were compared on ECJ: Line Prof Invest (lineprofinvest.com) vs. Partner Invest Fund (partnerinvestfund.com): Lineprofinvest wins in one category only, while Partnerinvestfund wins in three categories. Top Usd Traders (topusdtraders.com) vs. Gdp Investment (gdpinvestment.com): Topusdtraders and Gdpinvestment wins in 2 categories each.

Problems. Immediately two programs appeared to have problems with payments just yesterday. These are betbankfund.com and fxcommerceprofit.com. The first one is the short-term and delays in payments, in this particular case is more than likely means the closure sign. While the second one still has some chances to continue paying, but it is not worth investing now.

Good news. InvestPlatforms (investplatforms.com) recently won their battle against AlertPay and managed to get the rights to their account back. DollarCommerce (dollarcommerce.net) had a pending payout, which was recently paid.

Events. ExtraIncome (exincome.com) reached a total deposits of $87,000, also the admin blocked the accounts of a few members, who had been trying to create multiple accounts abusing the referral commission system. Except for that they promised to add STP in the nearest future. All five lucky winners of the article contest by RevenueBuild (revenue-build.com) were announced. OilCapital (oil-capital.com) were recently blackmailed by a group of fake bad voters, asking them to pay the money they asked, and if OilCapital refused to do as they said they would make a whole lot of fake bad votes on GoldPoll, the administration did not agree.

The admin of ExtraIncome (exincome.com) stated that they have crossed over one-tenth of a million in deposits and asks members to support his program on forums, monitors. The admin of ReProFinance (reprofinance.com) announced his program has been successfully running for over 8 months paying instantly and is now 8 times larger if to compare with the first months of work. The admin of GorgonProjectInvest (gorgonprojectinvest.com) was recently interviewed. FondosMayores (fondosmayores.net) reported that all pay-outs as for the «Classic 75» plan were completed and it should have been closed until the 1st February. West-wood (west-wood.biz) has added the Russian version of the website, which is now available only in test mode.

Be careful. InstantGains (instantgains.com) might be indicated as the paying program on some monitors, however they have some withdrawal delays. It is possible that the problems relate only to AlertPay. BetBankFund (betbankfund.com) and EasyCashGrowth (easycashgrowth.com) which were running by the same admin had opened the unrealistic plan and afterwards began to scam. GoldenShoesVentures (goldenshoesventures.net) went offline, the downtime of the site exceeded 24 hours.

Closures. SureFireSurf (surefiresurf.com) has been closed while having 5000 members. AllianceAdavantage (alliance-advantage.com) went offline, admin explained the closure as the consequence of series of short DDoS attacks and then a sudden panic on forums which was encouraged by competitors. Except for that zuluexperts.com and rfjinvest.com have been closed.

Agents Reports (about). We continue to receive more and more caution signals as for ForexCompanyOnline and RedOrchid. Unfortunately, none of these signals has been proved, that is why the status of these programs stays as undefined. If you have any information, we will be glad to get any comments on this.

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