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We continue publishing our New Dictionary of HYIP Terms, our HYIP Dictionary. We are confident that it will include all relevant concepts of high...

We continue publishing our New Dictionary of HYIP Terms, our HYIP Dictionary. We are confident that it will include all relevant concepts of high-yield industry and even beyond. Each person can add any of the articles by posting comments. We have already talked about such terms as: HYIP, HYIP Admin and HYIP Operators and Typical Administrator. We are confident that newbies and professionals of high-yield industry can find food for thought and tools for development in our dictionary. Today we're talking about the meaning of a term HYIP Industry.

HYIP Industry or High-Yield Investment Programs Industry . Despite the fact that the first mention of a phrase HYIP Industry refers to 2006, this term has been properly used for approximately only a year and a half. Only now this term is used in daily publications of bloggers and even in concepts of HYI participants (FlaxTalk, HYIPBlogger, etc). What hides behind these words?

What does word HYIP mean? It is clear from our publication devoted to this word: NDHT HYIP. According to generally accepted definition, a word Industry means: the people or companies engaged in a particular kind of commercial enterprise. Therefore these two concepts together mean: HYIP Industry (High-yield Industry) represents high-yield programs, as well as related services, websites, people and companies, the activities of which are aimed at profiting from the activities associated with the regular operation of these high-yield programs.

Thus, the concept of HYIP Industry includes HYIP, HYIP Monitors, HYIP Forums, HYIP Blogs, Posters, Voters, HYIP Services, as well as all other interested participants. In fact, HYIP Industry is an online infrastructure (first of all websites) in which high-yield investment projects born, develop and die. High-yield industry is virtually does not exist as offline phenomenon, it hardly extends beyond the closed circle of resources and is managed by a limited number of individuals.

Particularities and interesting observations of the functioning of HYIP Industry deserve a separate publication and they can be discussed endlessly. But now that you know what we mean by using this term, you can better understand and use these particularities and observations.

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