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On January 31, 2011 OscarFunds released two videos of Oscar Funds Series. Heres the first video And here is the second one

On January 31, 2011 OscarFunds released two videos of Oscar Funds Series. Here's the first video:

And here is the second one. It is dedicated to Zulutrade - a platform for automated trading with the help of signals.

The same day Christopher Baker, the administrator of contacted the admin of OscarFunds. He was indignant that the idea and even the name of the video were stolen:

Hello genius, congratulations on your creativity making similar video (actually the same one) to DollarCommerce's one! You could change at lease the video title's structure. You really cannot think outside of the box, poor idiot! Keep it up and actually I should consider bringing my team for an DDOS attack. Chris.

The administrator of OscarFuds promptly posted this e-mail on DTM. He does not understand what the accusation of the administrator lies in. He also claims that Christopher Baker is actually Roger Miller, the author of many high-yield projects, in particular

It should be admitted that his video is really quite similar to the video from and the name of it is exactly the same. In addition, this video was released on January 26 and even has been watched 620 times. Although OscarFunds tells different text, the idea is clearly borrowed:

Of course, it is not surprising that no one has taken notice of the admin's post. However, the site OscarFunds is now available intermittently. On our HYIP-list page on the diagram of OscarFunds ( you can see when the last payment was made. That was yesterday. If today's payment is not made because of problems with accessibility, you will immediately know about it by looking at the diagram.

By the way, there are also problems with access at It is now known that the project is unavailable from Los Angeles, US and Shanghai, China. Thats how administrators fight.

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