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IncomeLadder ( is another program from our HYIPlist that has been monitored right from the beginning (you can find...

IncomeLadder ( is another program from our that has been monitored right from the beginning (you can find it in our catalog here). It was launched on January 17, 2011 and now is a great time to review it because we've had enough time to see the way it operates.

Investment Plans. The program has four plans to offer. And the terms of investing are very unusual and well thought over. It is not a secret that there are two types of investors in our field. The first group believes that the “principal back” term is good and the second one is convinced that it is much better when the principal is included. The administration of IncomeLadder has decided to satisfy both groups of investors and to return only a certain part of principal. All investors also have the possibility to cancel their investment any time they wish (of course, with a certain fee). Let's take a look at details:

The first investment plan is called Ladder 1. It offers 1.3% daily for 60 days. The minimum investment is just $3, therefore you can just test the program with a small deposit if you wish. The maximum is $200. 85% of your principal will be returned on expiration. In case of cancelation you will get 62% of principal.
Ladder 2 will bring you 1.5% daily for 90 days with minimum required amount to invest of $200 and with $2,000 maximum. Principal back on expiration: 80% and in case of cancellation: 60%.
Ladder 3 is open for you if you wish to make 1.7% daily for 150 days and have at least $2,001 to invest. The maximum is limited to $5,000. You will have 78% of your principal at the end of the investment term and 58% if you cancel your deposit.
And the last investment offer is called Ladder 4. It is the most profitable one but at the same time is available to only those who wish to invest a lot. It brings 2.0% daily for 300 days. The minimum deposit is $5,001 and the maximum is $100,000. Principal back on expiration: 70% and on cancellation: 50%.

You can have an unlimited number of investments in all four plans. The payments are made every calendar day including public holidays! That is really great because many other programs enjoy “celebrating” holidays too much and not paying profit on those days. Multiple daily withdrawals are also allowed at

We do not need to make any complicated calculations here because there is an investment calculator on the website which will make everything clear for you. You can find it right on the main page. It will show your day-by-day profit and your total amount at the end. All you need is type in your investment amount and choose the desired plan!

Referral Program. The referral commission is 5% of every deposit made by those who you referred. You do not have to be an active investor at in order to participate in referral program.

Payment Options. There are only two payment options for you to choose if you want to invest in IncomeLadder. They are LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney. However, many HYIP admins decide to add more payment processors (AlertPay in particular) after being online for some time. Therefore if the admin of IncomeLadder also decides to add more options, I'm sure it will attract much more investors.

General Website Features. The script of is customized. The website looks very attractive and the best thing is that all the most important information that gives a general understanding is displayed right on the main page. For example, you can see the details of investment plans, accepted e-currencies, referral commission rate, security features, the advantages of investing with, instructions on how to get started and news section. Even though it seems like a lot, it is not because all information is placed smartly.

Security Features. The program is hosted on a dedicated server at BlackLotus. It is DDoS protected by Blacklotus and SSL secured by Comodo.

Contact Methods. You can find the answers to all general questions in FAQ section. However, if you still have unanswered questions, there are many different ways to contact the administration. For example, you can fill out the ticketing form on “Support Center” page, sent an email to or, or chat in online support. There is also an address:

2910 Hillcroft St
Houston, TX 77057

As you can see, the administration of IncomeLadder has made all possible for you to be able to contact them in case you have any questions or problems. has all chances to succeed and it might become one of the programs in your chosen set of HYIPs. Never forget to diversify your money and never invest more than you can afford to lose. I wish you successful investing!

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