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We present to your attention a review of a shortterm HYIP from our catalog called KlickWallet (klickwallet.net). Investment Plans. KlickWallet offers...

We present to your attention a review of a short-term HYIP from our catalog called KlickWallet (klickwallet.net).

Investment Plans. KlickWallet offers three types of investment plans. The profit in all of them is paid on expiry and principal is included.

  • The first one is called Introduction Plan and offers 107-115% after 5 days which means you can make 7-15% pure profit. The payments are made on expiry and principal is included. You can invest in this plan if you have just $10 and invest more if you want to receive more profit:

$10-$100 will bring you 107% interest; $101-$250 bring 110%; $251-$500 will help you earn 112% and you can receive 115% interest on expiry in case you invest $501-$1,000.

  • The second plan at KlickWallet.net is called Professional Plan and lasts for 10 days. The minimum deposit is $50 which is still affordable to most investors. It offers 127-140% (pure profit is 27-40%):

127% for deposits between $50 and $100; 130% for those who invest $101-250; 135% for deposits of $251-$1,000 and if you are a risk-taker and wish to invest a lot ($1,001-$2,500) you can receive 140% after 10 days on expiry.

  • Special Plan is for those who wish to make 170-200% (which means 70-100% pure profit) and do not mind to wait for 20 days. The payments are also made on expiry:

For deposits between $100 and $250 the interest is 170%; for $251-$500 you can get 180%; deposits between $501 and $1,000 will bring 190%; and you can even double your money (get 200%) if you invest $1,001-$5,000.

Referral Program. KlickWallet pays 5% of every deposit made by those you referred. However, you should keep in mind that this opportunity is available only to active members of the program.

Payment Options. KlickWallet.net offers three most popular e-currencies. They are LibertyReserve, AlertPay and PerfectMoney. And because they are the major ones almost anyone who likes this program can make a deposit.

General Website Features. A customized design template and a readymade script are used in this case. The menu is sufficient, however some pages might be confusing. For example, a FAQ section is called Q&A and Support section is called Help. The about us information on the main page seems to be more like an inspiration speech and does not inform about the activities of KlickWallet. The website is available only in English. In general, the website is easy to navigate and contains almost all most important information.

Security Features. The set of security features is very good for a short-term HYIP. Security is provided by famous participants in the market. The website is DDoS protected by Dragonara and SSL secured by Comodo.

Contact Methods. You can contact the administration via e-mail support@klickwallet.com, in live chat or by filling out a support form on Help page. By the way, just recently we informed about Andrews (admins) promise to provide phone support: KlickWallet Phone Support and the promise has been kept. Now you can ask all your questions via phone +44-20-0222-7295 and receive quick answers. Please note that phone support is available only on business days.

Well, the appearance of KlickWallet is nice and it is made on quite a high level comparing to other short-term HYIPs. It has been online for 29 days paying out without problem which is a good proof of its reliability. However, considering the fact that it is a short-term program, investments must be made smartly. You can find Klickwallet.com in our catalog on a 30th position: www.hyipnews.com/hyip-monitor/1051/klickwallet/

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