Updated: 02/04/2011 10:30
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Do you remember our article that we published last September called Why HYIP Admins Must Have Money (Why HYIP Admins Must Have Money)? So, we can still confirm any of the words from this article. Of course, in order to control the payment statuses of programs, we've added Standard Listing, which cost only the amount of daily payments for administrators but admins must have money! Here is one of the most recent examples.

The other day we contacted the administration of a project called Odezzo Inc (odezzo.com), we asked about the parameters of their hosting and terms of operation. They replied: We have reached the target of active deposit from our member, so we do not want to add new campaign anymore. They did not even consider it necessary to answer our questions!

Unfortunately, many monitors just want administrators to pay them money. Such reaction of HYIP admins is understandable. But how can a business be successful if a HYIP administrator does not invest even his WORK in his project? He does not study the proposals, does not analyze trends, does not invest energy in making the project more popular and in promotion of his project. Can such a project be successful? The answer is no. 10 days later after this message had been received Odezzo Inc (odezzo.com) disappeared. Make your own conclusions.

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