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SafeCapital is an investment company uniting professional stock, forex traders, oil and gold trade. It was launched on December 2, 2010

SafeCapital ( is an investment company uniting professional stock, forex traders, oil & gold trade. It was launched on December 2, 2010 which means that it has been providing services for 67 days. Today I'm going to describe the basic features of this program so that those of you who wish to make a deposit in SafeCapital could understand the general idea and make their final decision.

Investment Plans. SafeCapital offers five investment plans with 1.8%-3.4% fixed daily interest. The investment term is 120 calendar days in all plans and interest is paid 7 days a week (withdrawals are processed within 1-6 hours). Principal is returned on expiry and compounding is not available:

  • Startup Account offers 1.8% daily which is 216% total after 120 days. The minimum to invest is $10 and the maximum is $500.
  • Basic Account will bring you 2.2% daily (264% total) if you invest at least $501. The maximum deposit is limited to $3,000.
  • Advanced Account offers higher profit but of course it requires a larger deposit than in two previous ones - $3,001. If you are ready to spend so much, you will receive 2.6% daily (312% total). The maximum deposit is $15,000.
  • Professional Account offers $3 which is 360% after 120 days. The minimum deposit is very high – $15,001 and the maximum is limited to $50,000.
  • The last investment plan is called VIP Account and I'm sure it is clear for you that it was created for those investors who want to invest a lot. The minimum is $50,001(!) and the maximum is $1,000,000.

I believe that the majority of our readers will choose (or have already chosen) a Startup Plan because it is the most affordable plan. Therefore I propose to take a closer look at it. Let's assume you want to invest $100. You will receive $1.8 daily and will break even after 56 days and after 120 days you will have $216 + $100 principal. Not bad.

The administration claims that your investment will be insured and protected by Reserve Fund and Bank Guaranteed Certificate.

Referral Program. Referral commission at is higher than in other programs: 6% for every deposit you refer. And the good thing is that you do not have to be an active investor in the program in order to make money by referring others.

Payment Options. There are many options for you to choose. SafeCapital accepts AlertPay, LibertyReserve, PerfectMoney and Bank Wire Transfers. Such a set of popular payment options is a good way to attract investors.

General Website Features. uses licensed GoldCoders script and customized design template. It is professionally looking and contains a lot of information. Much of it is educational such as “Financial System”, “Foreign Exchange Market” and “Articles” pages. The navigation might be confusing at first. For example, you may think that there is no “rate us” page, however it is there but is called “Partners”. You can see 48! HYIP monitors with PAYING statuses on that page. Such number of monitors is really impressive and is a very good sign.

Security Features. The important security features that guarantee safety of investors' deposits are present at The website is SSL secured by Comodo and DDoS protected by Phoenix NIC Company.

Contact Methods. The set of contact methods is great. You can use different means of communication if you wish to ask some questions or leave testimonials. You may do that via support form on “Contact Us” page, phone or email. The support is provided 24/7. There is also live support at

You should send your emails to the following addresses: General Inquiries:; Payment issues:; Partnership inquiries: ; Testimonials:

There are also two addresses and seven telephone numbers on “Contact Us” page.

Unlike many other programs, the Whois information of SafeCapital is available to the public and can be checked in our HYIP-list: I remind you that we do not place charts with Whois information in our short reviews because you can see them when you click on “detailed information” button in our HYIP-list near the program you are interested in. I hope now you know more about I am not going to make any conclusions because our main task is to inform you and not to make decisions for you. Do not forget to diversify and never invest more than you can afford to lose!

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