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HYIP Monitor or HighYield Investment Programs' Monitor Basing on their principles, HYIP Monitor or HYIP Monitoring is a form of HYIP Services ....

HYIP Monitor or High-Yield Investment Programs' Monitor Basing on their principles, HYIP Monitor or HYIP Monitoring is a form of HYIP Services. However, the services of monitors have become so important in HYIP industry that they have turned into one of the main participants in this market a long time ago. Strictly speaking, everything started with monitors. When the number of programs exceeded 10, their promoters needed catalogs in order to inform all interested about a status of a program: whether it pays or not. Over time, everyone who desired started creating monitors, including HYIP Operators. Nowadays monitors are based on blogs, as well as on various "spiders" (a kind of HYIP Services).

HYIP Monitor provides services of monitoring a payment status of a program. Its responsibilities include providing visitors of the website with basic information on the program, as well as rating. The list of programs that a HYIP monitoring monitors is sorted by a certain pattern. Basic parameters for such sorting are: a period of operation, a status, as well as an admin and user rating. Thus, HYIP Monitor basically performs a function of HYIP rating.

HYIP Monitors can be divided into automatic and manual. Almost all currently existing monitors are automatic. Payments statuses are maintained by payments, which HYIP administrators make to the account of an administrator of a monitor. If the payment is not processed “ a status is changed. Thus, the maintenance of a status of some program on most monitors is a technical process and can be easily used against investors.

Since the end of 2009, with the active development of blogging in a high-yield industry, monitors have lost a significant share of trust. Only 50 out of currently operating 600 monitors, have some kind of significance in the high-yield industry. HYIPNews.com provides monitoring services on the basis of information monitoring. Our own network of agents and professional staff allow us to determine scammers quite accurately and quickly. However, HYIP monitoring remains forever a mechanical process and it just states facts. Monitors help identify problematic programs and identify the best ones basing on rating. However the final decision should always be based on the information and a status of a program is only one part of this information.

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