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We have recently started publishing a series of articles which contain the main concepts of highyield investment industry. Our aim is to gather the...

We have recently started publishing a series of articles which contain the main concepts of high-yield investment industry. Our aim is to gather the most useful, relevant and comprehensive dictionary that includes ALL terms and concepts used in our industry. Everyone can add these terms and express an opinion. As a result, we will be able to publish the full version on a separate site or to open some special section. Today we will tell you about some terms related to the referral earnings in HYIP industry and will continue this article in the next publication.

Refferral Comission is a synonym to Affiliate Commission . It is a reward you get for promoting one or the other project. In HYIP industry, such commission is paid for a deposit made on your recommendation. This commission is usually accrued on different terms and is usually a certain part of the amount invested on your recommendation. The average commission is 3% of the deposit amount, invested on your recommendation.

Referral Link . Since all operations in high-yield investment industry have been recently performed online, a special system of links is used for referral work. This link consists of the domain name of the program, as well as your individual number or your user name. Sometimes your account number in payment systems is used as a code. When someone registers after clicking on your personal link, a registered account becomes your referral and you get rewarded for all deposits made with this account. A referral link is the most common tool for building a downline.

Referral . It is someone who invested using your link, meaning a person who became an investor in the program with your help. A unique referral link is commonly used for tracking your referees and adding them to your account (see above). If you are a referral, a person who invited you to the program is your referrer.

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