Updated: 02/14/2011 15:31
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A new week begins with an excellent addition to our HYIP-List, a program called Of course, it is hard to say that the website is striking at first sight or that it will be extremely popular. However, that’s not what is required for a success of high-yield program. The main thing for its success is the fact that it pays. pays and has been doing it for the past three weeks. Starting from today is among its investors.

Overall impression of this project is about the same as of the project called OrbisTrends. They were not like the flashy short HYIPs, they were just doing their job. There is every chance to hope that will perform in the same way. In my opinion, plans that offer a return after 10 or 25 days look promising. Any investor is used to the fact that a high-yield short-term program offers 100%+ profit interest within a period that does not exceed 30 days. Straitontrade makes another investment offer (from 1.8% a day) but uses all the possibilities of short-term plans.

This project has all chances to win trust of investors because it was launched in a good period with a great offer. The most important thing is to maintain what they have now. By the end of the week we will publish a short review of and we hope that you will be able to communicate with the administration in the form of interview. We wish the project success and you, dear readers, successful investing in StraitonTrade.


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