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A month ago published an article called “A Veteran Among ShortTerm HYIPs TopEarnMoney ” ( read here ). This program has been successfully...

A month ago published an article called “A Veteran Among Short-Term HYIPs TopEarnMoney” (read here). This program has been successfully operating for 269 days. It operated a month ago, when we published that article and I’m sure it will operate for a long time. Even though TopEarnMoney does not offer high returns, many investors choose it because it is reliable and pays out constantly. Yesterday I decided to contact the administration of TopEarnMoney in order to find out about their development and plans for the future. They gladly informed about that and we present you a mini-interview with TopEarnMoney: (HN): You post reports on completion of interest payments in a news section. What for?
TopEarnMoney (TEM): We publish our daily payments status on our website as news, so that all members could check our payments statuses there. We also send these reports via email to our members.

HN: You are listed on 31 (!) HYIP monitors. Why so many?
TEM: Yes, we bought many monitor services because we came to this industry for a long time. You can check our monitor statuses for details. We don't have any bad evaluation.

HN: Please, tell us about your company in short.
TEM: About our interest and operation. We have been operating for more than 300days. During this period a lot of people make a lot of money through us. We are a long-term stable investment program rather than a short- term high-risk program.

HN: Many HYIPNews readers are reading this article. Would you like to say anything to them?
TEM: Dear Investors is online investment website. Our major investment is Forex and stock. Besides, we also have high interest private loans. From the profits of these investments, we are able to pay interest to our members. Currently many companies and individuals have found that we are a site that worth investing with. We hope you will join us as our member, which will make yourself the best way to earn money.

Thank you for this “mini-interview” and for introducing TopEarnMoney once again. I should admit that the activeness of the administration is really appreciated and makes this program much more attractive than others. We asked the admins of several more programs from our catalog to tell about their news and development and unfortunately are still waiting for replies.

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